2004 – Video and CD Index

2/4-6/04         Agilent Singapore/Malaysia

VHS with two events on the same tape

1. Ned’s visit to Agilent Singapore/Malaysia, Feb 4-6, 2004, TRT 5:10:00

2. Agilent Malaysia/Singapore Community Activities, 2003, TRT 0:06:00


Jul-Aug/04    Olympic Drug Testing



9/28-30/04 Senior Leadership Forum  “Winning Through Innovation”

9/29/04: Audio Cassette 1:

Side A: Opening (Bill Hahn); Ned Barnholt (Bill Sullivan Intro)

Side C: Jean Halldran


9/29/04: Audio Cassette 2:

Side B: Bill Sullivan; Adrian Dillon (intro Jean H.)

Side D: Q&A; Chris Van Ingren


9/29/04: Audio Cassette 3:

Side E: Gary Hamil [Hamel] Part 1

Side G: Gary Hamil [Hamel] Continued; Q&A


9/29/04: Audio Cassette 4:

Side F: Gary Hamel Continued

Side H: Gary Hamel Continued


9/29/04: Audio Cassette 5

Side I: Gary Hamel Continued

Side K: Young Sohn; Bill Hahn


9/29/04: Audio Cassette 6

Side J: Gary Hamel Continued; Q&A; Ned Barnholt

Side L: Blank


9/30/04: Audio Cassette 7

Side A: Open; Bill Hahn; Tom White; Bill Sullivan

Side C: GM Panel Continued; Q&A


9/30/04: Audio Cassette 8

Side B: Bill Sullivan Continued; Ned Barnholt; GM Panel on Leadership (Jean, Ron, Bryan, Darlene)

Side D: Ned Barnholt; Darlene Solomon


9/30/04: Audio Cassette 9

Side E: Rick Young

Side G: Follow-up with SVP’s (Young, Chris, Jack, Tom, Bill); Bill/Jean; Ned Closing


9/30/04: Audio Cassette 10

Side F: Rick Young Continued; Q&A

Side H: Ned Closing Continued


10/11/04        Ned Barnholt Interviewed by Roberto Favaretto

For internal use only; Includes note

DVD, TRT Unspecified


2004   The Tech Museum Awards, “Give Me a Lever”

Promotional Video. Includes letter to Ned

DVD, TRT Unspecified