2001 – Video and CD Index

[2001]          The Spark

“Fictional” account of Scintilla

5988-0592ENUC   VHS   Approx 13 mins   box is copyright 2000   2 copies, one is sealed


01/01  Everest Project, January 2001

Alain Couder, COO

VHS   NTSC   TRT: 5:48


01/20/01        A Memorial Celebration of William R. Hewlett

Stanford Memorial Church   No Intended Audience

#1943   VHS   2 copies


01/29/01        Agilent (Rough Cut) Gene Expression Video

VHS   TRT: 13:18


02/31/01        Agilent Shareholders Meeting

Prod/Dir: Luis Cordeiro

2055   TRT: 1hr:22   DUB   DUB Date: 03/06/01


03/05/01      EPSG Trailer
Betacam, TRT: 1:22


03/07/01      Agilent Countdown with Bug
Betacam, TRT: 13:18


03/09/01        “Ed Barnholt/CEO of Agilent”

Market Week CNBC

VHS   TRT: 7:25


06/20/01        “BeAgilent Orientation” BAO V2

Insert reads (in part): Employee loop, Introduce segment, Customer perspective segment, 7 customers interviewed…this segment has been edited from VANTAGE workshop.

VHS   TRT: 57:10   2 copies, one marked PAL


06/21/01        Darlene Solomon WITI Hall of Fame Video & Tech TV News



08/06/01        “Agilent AfterSchool” Science Workshop

Venue: Politeknik Seberang Perai (Malaysia), with Dato’ Tan Bian Ee

Video CD   MPG  4 mins


10/29/01        Profiles in American Enterprise Edward W. (Ned) Barnholt, Agilent Technologies