2000 – Video and CD Index

 [2000]           The Making of SJ Imax

Dub of Behind Scenes

Betacam   TRT: 9:07


2000   Agilent Vantage Workshop

Two sessions on Change.

VHS   approx 13 mins   Employees only

2 copies   Handwritten note on one reads: Vantage/Training


2000   EPSG Strategic Intent: Becoming a Growth Company

This video is about the strategic direction of EPSG. It features Executive VP Bryon Anderson

and the VPs of the MSUs, SGDU and SSU.

VHS   TRT: 18:33


2000   Agilent – Making It In America 2000

Talks about Agilent Action & Corporate Citizenship Objective. Label reads: 4 ½ Minute Long

Form Piece.

VHS   approx 5 mins


01/06/00        Agilent Heads & Tails 2000

#467   Betacam   TRT: 3:39(?)     


02/00  KBS Coverage on KIO

Korean Broadcasting System on the planned closure of Korea Instrument Operation by the end of 2000.

VHS   approx 2 mins   In Korean


02/01/00        McCann Erickson


ZMEA0596    :60 Fountain

ZMEA0793    :30 Heart

ZMEA0893    :30 Genes

ZMEA0993    :30 Go

ZMEA1093    :30 Next Generation

ZMEA1193    :30 Down Deep

ZMEA1293    :30 Raindrops

#406   Betacam   TRT: 6:52 (6:62)  DUB


02/16/00        Agilent Profit Sharing – Q1-FY00

Prod/Dir: L. Chambers/G. Jones

867   Betacam   TRT: 08:30   Edited Master


02/16/00        1st Quarter Profit Sharing

Betacam   Labeled both Closed Captioned & Open Captioned   2 copies

Copy 1: NTSC   Mono

Copy 2: Has date of 02/17/00 & slightly different title

02/18/00        Bob Walker Interview

Betacam   Master


02/22/00        Ned Barnholt Visit at San Jose

Ned addressed his goals and the future of Agilent Technologies, at the San Jose site cafeteria.

VHS   45 mins   Master Copy


02/24/00        Ned Barnholt’s Western Tour – Spokane



02/24/00        Coffee Talks 2nd Talk at the Spokane site

VHS   approx 1 hour (tape starts with brief piece of another show)


02/25/00        Ned Barnholt Visits Agilent Fort Collins



02/25/00        Ned Barnholt & Staff Visit Colorado Springs Site

Bob Walker meets w/ GFS Managers



02/25/00        Ned Barnholt & Staff Visit Colorado Springs Site



02/29/00        Agilent Shareholders Meeting

Prod/Dir: Luis Cordeiro

621   Betacam (oversize)   52 Min   Master   DUB Date: 03/01/00   Notes: Tape 2 of 2. CAM 2 [only one tape here]


02/29/00        Agilent Technologies Shareholders Meeting

621   VHS   52 mins   Customer Viewable

03/00  Agilent Photonic VNR

Introduction of Photonic Switching Platform

VHS   Approx 3:09 mins   2 copies


03/02/00        Bob Walker Coffee Talk

924   VHS   2 copies

Copy 1: Prod/Dir: Mark Long   VHS   TRT: 57:57   MASTER

Copy 2: 58 mins   Agilent Restricted


03/07/00        Die Zukunft des lichts

hitec die documentation. Visionen der Photoniker. Copyright at end of tape reads 2001.

VHS/NTSC   VHS/PAL   28:40


03/13/00        Ned Visits Korea



03/20/00        Agilent Culture & Values Video

Producer: Chambers/Jones

#1021   CTDM DUB   Notes: Ned Barnholdt (sic)


04/00  Hai Su, China GM, interviewed by Economic 30 minutes, China Central TV



04/31/00        Ned Barnholt on Admin. Thank You.

Prod/Dir: Chambers/Jones

#1061   Betacam   TRT: 2:00


05/01/00        Agilent Culture & Values

Speed, Focus, Accountability.

VHS   TRT: 08:20


[05/01/00]     Agilent Culture & Values

#1426   Betacam   8 mins    DUB   Master   HP Restricted

Handwritten note reads: 2nd BESP(?) (Created for Digitizing)

No date on tape or cassette: this may be the same as the 05/01/00 tape with same title


05/00  Semiconductor solutions for the Connected World

5980-1765E   VHS   TRT: 7:53


05/18/00        Agilent Distribution Day “be Agilent”

Betacam   TRT: 9:52   Master

Handwritten note reads: January(?) #2


5/31/00          Agilent Action: Inspiring Minds – Saving Lives

Community Relations Video

Betacam, TRT: 4:03


06/02/00        Agilent Technologies Distribution Day

Copy 1: 1241 VHS, TRT, 10:00

Copy 2: 1241 Betacam   TRT: 10:00   (with UITC?)   Not Close-Captioned

DUB   Master   Restricted

Also: IBM Format floppy: Distribution Day Video   1241.TXT


06/02/00        Agilent Day 2 Celebration

Copy 1: VHS   Master

Copy 2: VHS   TRT: 00:27:00


06/02/00      Transforming Agilent: Becoming a High-Growth High-Performance Company

1318   Betacam   TRT: 5:56   Master   Non-CC VS


06/12/00        Transforming Agilent – Becoming a High-Growth, High-Performance Company Featuring Ned Barnholt

1318   VHS   TRT: 6:00   CC   Agilent Restricted   3 copies


06/19/00        Agilent Action Week, Press Event

Webcast movies. Speakers Bill Hahn, Liz Kniss, Ned Barnholt. Note with CD reads “Flying Hospital”.

Windows Media Audio/Visual CD


6/22/00        Agilent SPG: Semiconductor Solutions for the Connected World

Betacam, TRT: 7:28


07/21/00      McCann – Erickson

“Downtime”   “Rocket Man”   “Genetic Gibberish”

#1473   Betacam   Note: Has Tone/Bars Before Each Ad


Aug-Sep/00   Agilent Technologies Malaysia TV Clippings

RTM 6 PM News: Agilent’s equipment donation to Universiti Sains Malaysia (28 Aug 2000); Bloomberg Malaysia: SMIDEX 2000 (22 Sept 2000); US-ASEAN Business Council: Presented By Dato’ Tan Bian Ee (5 Sept 2000)

Video CD   MPG version   Duration: 5 mins 33 sec


08/21/00      A & R Partners Agilent Technologies B-Roll

Betacam   TRT: 9:35   Contact: Amy Flores


Also, 2 copies, VHS, labeled “Agilent B-Roll” (no date); it is assumed these are the same as the

Betacam tape. Contains close up shots of interiors, exteriors, logos, products, etc. Incidental

sound only.


09/00           The Great United Way Raft Race

VHS   Directors Cut 18 mins   Coffeetalk Cut 5 min


9/08/00        Tumbleweed “Customer Perspective”


Betacam, TRT: 13:48

09/13/00      1B$ Video for Ned Barnholt

Prod/Dir: L. Chambers/G. Jones

1566   Betacam   TRT: 3 mins   Edited Master


09/18/00      Gregg Moss Channel 9 Visit

“This recording is a duplication of 9K*USA News Broadcast. Bayaud Industries is not

responsible for content and has obtained consent from 9K*USA to make copies available

for sale.” Writing on box: +-10 mins, Ft. Collins SPG. Clips for mouse, camera (more on label).



10/01/00      Agilent SPG: Semiconductor Solutions for the Connected World

Betacam, TRT: 7:22


10/5-6/00       Agilent Vantage Workshop (AVW) Penang, Malaysia

Various speakers exulting all to “BeAgilent”.

Video CD   MPG file   Duration: 11 mins


11/06/00        Spirit of Silicon Valley

Presented by Agilent Technologies. Directed by Jeffrey Berry. Produced by Lope Yap, Jr. In conjunction with The Tech Museum of Innovation.

Video CD   MPG file   92.2MB   Length: 06:04   2 copies

Copy 1 has 2 versions: MPG & WMA


11/20/00        The Brand is You

Betacam, TRT: 17:00


11/21/00        “Our First Year” Agilent Technologies Malaysia (Nov ’99 – Nov ’00)

Video CD   MPEG file   113MB   Duration: 11 mins   2 copies


11/22/00        Spirit of Silicon Valley

Plus “Making Of” video, Version A

Betacam, TRT: 15:10


12/04/00      Delivering Results: A Great First Year with Ned Barnholt

VHS   Confidential


12/04/00        Agilent Technologies Coffee Talk – Delivering Results: A Great

First Year

With Ned Barnholt

Video CD   Also in CD case: floppy with Video-CD Player for Windows