1999 – Video and CD Index

[1999]            “I Wanna Be Agilent”

Audio CD   3:22

1999   A Portrait of Our People

Agilent employees from around the world talk about the company, its culture and people.

Copy 1: #336   Betacam   TRT: 10:55   Closed Captioned Master   Edited Master

Copy 2: #336   VHS   TRT: 00:11:00


1999   Telecom ‘99

VHS   5 mins    Format: NTSC


[1999]            Your Own Agilent Launch: Meeting Tool Kit for Mangers. Speed, Focus, Accountability. This tool kit for managers is designed to conduct one’s own Agilent Launch coffee talk or team meeting. It contains…videos and meeting guide.

5010-5557V   VHS


[1999]            Agilent Flag Raising

Raising of company flag set to dramatic music. Tape has Fort Collins, CO address.

VHS   approx 1:35 mins                


03/02/99        Ned Barnholt: Measurement Realignment Announcement

VHS   9 mins   HP Restricted


Spring 1999   Stethos   The Stethoscope Goes High Tech

HP satellite feed. Television News Package, unrestricted in use in Television, etc. Story with Narration, Story without Narration, Additional Sound Bites, Additional B-Roll.

5968-5046E   VHS   apprx 10 mins   2 copies, one sealed; copy 2 has VNR written on box plus several other handwritten notes.


05/24/99        HP NewCo Revised Brand Video

Name Launch Live at the San Jose Repertory Theater. Box label reads Revised Brand Video.

VHS   TRT: 78:00   Director’s line cut   Visible time code


05/24/99        HP NewCo Revised Brand Video

Opening animated sequence only (Dreams Made Real). Box label reads Unrevised.

Label on back of box reads: “Dave’s Garage. Unrevised copy/restricted. No Permission from Disney or the Eagles. (permission from Disney to have file/reference copy in the Agilent Archives – Shirley Horn.”

VHS   apprx 3:19 mins


07/99  Our New Beginning

A Conversation with Ned Barnholt and Walter Hewlett



07/27/99        Town Hall Meeting

Employee ambassadors to the Name Launch event ask questions of CEO Ned Barnholt and his staff.

Copy 1: #335   Betacam (oversized), TRT: 1:10:31 – Closed Cap Master – Edited Master

Copy 2: VHS, TRT: 71 Mins

Copy 3: #335, Betacam (oversized), TRT: 1:10: 56 – Closed Cap Master – Dub Master


07/28/99        Agilent Technologies Name Launch Event

Name and brand-identity launch from San Jose Repertory Theatre.

Copy 1: VHS, TRT 60 Mins

Copy 2: #168, Betacam (oversized), TRT: 60:18 – Closed Captioned Master – Dub Master

07/28-29/99     US Television Coverage of Name Launch

Contact: Suzette Stephens. Insert lists 12 local and national broadcasts



07/28 – 08/02/99                 “HP/Agilent”

Insert lists 6 radio broadcasts (station, date, city, time of day and run time)

Audio cassette


06/99 & 09/99          IT Cultural Framework

Presented by Mike Rose

177   VHS   24 mins   HP Restricted


HP IT Retrospective A Learning History

178   VHS   52    HP Restricted

These two tapes (177 & 178) are in an oversized plastic box with various papers (such as HP

IT Past, Present & Future).


8/10/99          McCann-Erickson

Hewlett Packard: 1) Next Generation, 2) Genes, 3) Go, 4) Heart, 5) Raindrops.



9/99    Agilent Technologies TV Advertising Launch

VHS, TRT 4 Mins.


9/7-8/99         Agilent Launch, Day 1

Hyatt St. Claire, Program Record, Tapes 1-2 of 2

Tape 1 of 2, VHS, TRT: 86:27

Tape 2 of 2, VHS, TRT: 1:18:00


9/7-8/99         Agilent Launch, Day 2

Hyatt St. Claire, Program Record, Tapes 1-4 of 4

Tape 1 of 4, VHS, TRT: 1:27:00

Tape 2 of 4, VHS, TRT: 1:04:48

Tape 3 of 4, VHS, TRT: 1:26:00

Tape 4 of 4, VHS, TRT: 46:00


11/99  Virtual Training Event

CD Rom, #0058


11/99 Virtual Training Event

Welcome to the Virtual Training Campus

CD Rom, #0066

11/01/99        Ned’s Day 1 Welcome

Ned Barnholt makes opening remarks for Agilent’s Day 1 employee site celebrations.

VHS   3 mins   CC   Restricted


 [11/01/99]   Ned Barnholt Day One Employee Address

#492   Betacam   Agilent Emp Only   Closed Captioned Master


11/01/99        Day One

VHS Master


11/18/99        Agilent Technologies, Inc. NYSE

NYSE News Feed. Agilent Technologies, Inc. lists on the New York Stock Exchange. Ned rings

bell, Ned is interviewed, officials & guests tour NYSE.

Copy 1: Betacam

Copy 2 & 3: VHS   approx 7:07 mins


11/19/99        Thailand IP Clipping

iTV Thai Independence news TV, Thailand Morning news, Finance section “Technology is

essential to better human lives. Today Hewlett-Packard splitted (sic) part of its business to

Agilent” (more on label).



12/21/99        Agilent Technologies: Revised Vision Film

Closed Captioned

Betacam, TRT: 5:50


1999   Agilent Technologies: A Technology Showcase

Revolutionize the Way People Live & Work Through Technology.

For viewing by Agilent Employees. AFTER January 1, 2000, it may be shown externally.

VHS   6 mins   Close Captioned