1997 – Video and CD Index

1997   Welcome to Hewlett-Packard

Company background for new hires

S-2524   VHS   13 mins   CC   Internal Only


[1997]            HP: The World of Healthcare

90817T   VHS   11:26 mins   Customer Viewable


 [1997]           Silicon Run Lite

The Condensed and Simplified Silicon Run Series. An easy-to-follow overview of how microchips are made and assembled into computers. A Ruth Carranza Production in collaboration with the Stanford Nanofabrication Facility.

VHS   30 mins   2 copies


01/09/97        The Voices of Our Customer

Preview Copy

VHS   approx 17 mins   For employees only


02/11/97        ICBD & TQRD. Joel Birnbaum Skit. TQRD Teaser. TQRD Video w/o B-Roll.

3 Sessions. First, Joel Birnbaum discusses relationships with ICBD (and cheese steaks).

Also, TQRD Teaser, TQRD Video w/o B-Roll. Two variations on Alan Marty discussing TQRD (Technology, Quality, Responsiveness, Delivery), including employees dancing and singing. Date is from plaque in 1st session.

VHS   Approx 25:29 mins


04/02/97        HP ICBD Chartered Silicon Partners

VHS   42 mins   Internal Only


04/22/97        Spirit of Innovation

Handwritten note on front: Split track.

Handwritten note on back: 1. Voice Mix, 2. Mono Music Mix

Betacam        TRT: 7:20


 [04/22/97]    The Tech Museum of Innovation: Spirit of Innovation

Copy 1: 90809T   Betacam   7 mins   DUB   Master

Copy 2: 90809T   VHS   7 mins   Customer Viewable

04/22/97        Spirit of Innovation

Prod/Dir: R. Dodick/J. Rodriguez

60948RB       Betacam   TRT: 7:20

Copy 1: DUB   Master    DUB Date 04/25/97   Notes: Stereo Mix. Has handwritten note: Original. Copy 2: EDITED MASTER   DUB Date 04/22/97. Notes: For/Tech Museum of Innovation. Additional label reads: Split-Track: 1. Voice Mix 2. Mono Music Mix.


04/23/97        The Spirit of Innovation

VHS   TRT: 7:20   Stereo   Has label from Robert Berke Sound

12/97  Crystal Skull           

A&E network show “The Unexplained” presentation on the Mitchell-Hedges’ and other crystal skulls. Jack Kusters of HP is interviewed. The skull was tested previously in the HP Santa Clara lab as documented in the February 1971 issue of Measure.

VHS   approx 1 hour; tape starts after show has begun