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Tahoe Regatta:
1968-1971 recreation;

See Also Picnics

     See Also Sports

(m)Taiwan, China, [joint venture], 1992 for Taiwan’s first software factory, OSSI Open Systems Software Inc.

overview and historical perspective of HP in Taiwan from March/April 1988 Measure;

feature from beAgilent 8/12/2002, Agilent hosts meeting between technology company execs and congressional delegration (New Democrat Network);

Take Our Kids to Work Day:
flyer for event on 8/23/01;

Technical Conference, Agilent

     Program Guide, 2007;

Technical Women’s Conference:
flyer for 1st, 1988;

(m)Technology and Profitable Growth – speech by William Hewlett corporate objectives, 1977

Technology Transfer:
WBIRL Project, poster, 1996-98;

Technology Development Center:
Closure of Technology Development Center in Palo Alto, May 1995;

Telecom Hewlett-Packard Proprietary Ltd.:
joint venture with Telecom Australia, 1988;

Telecommunications at HP, 1960s:
“HP Company Communication Study Report,” Pacific Telephone, 9/63 — HP’s first WATS lines; memo justifying private phone line from Loveland to Palo Alto, 7/12/62; Neely Enterprises diagram of private telephone lines, 3/12/63; Crossley Associates memo about communications services in place (TWX), 4/10/64; Request for Project, 4/1/63; Executive Council authorizes project for Corporate Operations Analysis group to study HP’s total communications system, 3/12/64; Corporate Communications Dept. plans, 1966, 1967; org charts for Corporate Management Services Dept., 1967-68;

Telecommunications at HP, 1970s:
1970s telephone dialing plan;  HP Nationwide Voice Communication Study by AT&T, 1977; correspondence, plans, org charts, job descriptions;

Telecommunications Industry:
Telecommunications Industry Perception Audit for Hewlett-Packard’s Test and Measurement Organization, July 1995; “Agilent in Comms” Communications Strategy, updated 3/15/2001; HP at Telecom 1991; “Agilent Technologies and Communications: Six Decades of Measurement Contributions” by John Minck, 2000; Stanford Park Division receivers used by NASA for satellite TV, 1974; testing Iridium satellites with HP equipment, 1995;

Telecommunications Industry, Agilent in Communications:
“Agilent in Comms”, Communications Strategy, Truth Well Told, McCann-Erickson World Group, Update 3/15/01; same as previous, Update 4/12/01; Agilent in Communications, Messaging by Segment, 7/10/01 (there are 3 versions of this, all with the same cover date of 7/10/01 but the individual slides in the different sets are dated 7/12/01, 7/27/01, 8/16/01);

Telecommunications Systems Business Unit:
TSBU began 11.1.92 within Computer Systems Organization (CSO); Global Solutions for Telecom 1997 speech by Manuel Diaz;

guidelines 1996, 1997;

Telephone Operators:

(m)Teramac, HP Labs computer built with defective chips 1999

Terman Award:
sponsored by HP, since 1969, presented by the American Society for Engineering Education;

Terman Fellowship:

Terrorism, 9/11/2001:
Agilent’s response;

Test and Measurement Organization:
includes TMO highlights from General Manager’s Meeting, 1994; Division model, process on laminated cards; “Road to Renewal” Los Angeles Times, 1995 article about the reinvention of the Test and Measurement Organization; See Also Case Study, Hewlett-Packard’s Santa Rosa Systems Division

Texas Instruments:
[acquisition] TI computer systems and services business acquired, June, 1992;

includes press release, photos and speech from opening day of new Bangkok office, 2002; speech by Dr. Arthit Urairat;

This Month in Agilent History:
from Infospark, beAgilent series began May 2003

analysis of El Cid’s sword, using HP4500 mass spectrometer;

Total Quality Control:
letter from former employee Dan Perrino describing Hewlett visit to Paramus, NJ in 1973 finding rusted screws on an HP product; customer letters and product applications that reflect high quality, rugged products; various articles from various sources re: quality; letters from Dave and Bill in Measure reflecting the company’s objective of creating quality products; quote from Dave Packard from Nov. 11, 1977 re: firing employees who refuse to reject bad quality products at inspection; speech by John Young titled “Quality: the Competitive Advantage,” AEA, 11/8/83;

See Quality  [after 1999]

     See Also President’s Quality Award

     See Also Yokogawa-HP, Total Quality Control

Total Quality Control, Publications:
QED magazines subtitled “Achieving Quality at Hewlett-Packard,” 1989-90; “Introduction to TQC at HP in Administrative and Service Functions, 3/87”; “Quest for Total Quality” (various versions: 3/87, 4/89); “Quality Maturity System: Overview,” 1989; “Phenomenal Problem-Solving Formula Revealed”;

Total Quality Control, Training:
course materials for workshop on Data Collection Strategy for TQC, circa 1985; Total Quality Control at HP, 1985;

Trade Secrets:
various lists, sheets and letters; brochure “Protecting HP Trade Secrets”, one version dated 1989, one dated 1993; two sheets: Handling and Managing Agilent’s Information Assets, and, Quick Reference Chart for Labels at Agilent, revision 1.2, 5/03/01;

corporate Identity Application, naming of Agilent Manual, c. 1979, Corporate Industrial Design Department; design of HP logotype; history of logo;

See Also 1SRS10 (Patents, Royalties, Licenses, box 2, folder marked Trademark)

     See Also “Corporate Identity Application manual,” 1979

Training Program for Women:
1958 Memo of Understanding on Volunteer Training Courses for Electronic Production Work;

(m)Trust Agreements with Anglo California National Bank: Employees Pension Fund, Retirement Trust, 1948, 1956; Profit Sharing, 1962;

Turing, Alan:
use of HP Oscillator, 1940s;


(m)TV Answer alliance, Interactive TV (ITA)