R – Subject File Guide

Radio Industry, History:
draft summary for 1887-1920 by James Abbit;

Radio Parts & Electronic Equipment:
[tradeshow] 1946 RPEE show program;

Raytheon Polar Services:
beAgilent feature on the research arm of the aerospace and defense system supplier’s use of Agilent’s EPSG products for its South Pole station;

Recreation Areas:
info on HP owned sites, compiled by Jean Burke, 1986; company culture

See Also Little Basin

     See Also Picnics, Maps

“This is HP,” special Watt’s Current, 1954; “Careers with HP Customer Service”;

(m)Recruiting Brochure 1988

Recruiting, College, 1959-1966:
complete file circa early 1960s that includes recruiting statistics, history, information about Palo Alto including home prices and neighborhoods, and more;

(m)Recruiting, College: 1882, 1983,1986

Recruiting, Engineering & Science:
Careers in High Frequency Electronics, ca.1970; Careers in Engineering and Science, brochures circa 1960s and 1970s; “What a Position at HP Offers the Engineer,” 1957;

(m)Recruiting, Honors Cooperative Program

Recruiting, Marketing:
Careers for MBAs; Career Paths in Marketing;

Red Herring:
Red Herring 100: No limits, Selection of the 50 private and 50 public companies most likely to change the world, by Blaise Zerega, 5/13/02; Red Herring 100: Communications hardware, featuring concise profiles of this year’s top technology companies, 5/15/02;

RedSwitch Inc.:
[acquisition] switch fabric silicon solutions developer acquired 9/26/02; A.T. Completes Acquisition of RedSwitch, 12/19/02;

Refurbished Equipment:
Special Deals Program offers deep discounts on refurbished T&M equipment, 4/15/2002; trade-up program;

“Resource Guide for Training and Development”:

Response Center:
prior to 1984, known as PICS (phone-in consulting service);

See Also Customer Service

Retired Employees’ Club:
draft by-laws, 1980; guidelines, applications, release forms, etc.; issues of HPREC News issues 22, 23, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 31;

(m)Retirees Club, Publication: 1978-1987, many missing,

(m)Retirees Club, Correspondence 1980- 1984: 1982 letter signed by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard, September 1995 thanking retiree volunteers.  It states, “HP has often been a catalyst for…Silicon Valley business and community efforts…The improvement of society is not a job for the few; it is a responsibility to be shared by all.” 1979 your guides project

Reverse Polish Notation:
article about Jan Kukasiewicz, “Father of RPN”;

See Also Inventions of Opportunity introduction by WRH;

See Also (m)Product, Calculator

Rockland Technologies Inc.:
[acquisition] RTI, maker of liquid chromatography columns, to be acquired, 1-20-97;

Rod and Gun Club:
1967 membership list;

Rohnert Park:
see Santa Rosa

Rosetta Software:
[strategic alliance] Rosetta Luminator, bioinformatics system stores and analyzes Agilent microarray data;

Roseville (California) Site:
announced in Jly 1978; “HP in the Sacramento Area,” 1995;

Royal Netherlands Academy of Science:
A.T. to Supply the Royal Netherlands Academy of Science [KNAW] with DNA Microarray tools for Advanced Research Into Brain and Eye Diseases, 10/01/01;

memos about the hardships of living in Russia; WRH’s 9/20/73 “Current and Future Commercial Relations with Russia” to the International Industrial Conference; Hewlett’s impressions on his trip to Russia, 1964; Thomas A. Christiansen’s statements to the Senate, “The Export Administration Act of 1969”; 1/24/79 letter from A. Sheindlin relating his “deep respect” for DP; Measure 12/73 article; subsidiary formed, 2/95; synopsis of interview with first GM in Russia, Doug Herdt; Facts Sheet, 1/03

See Also Communist Countries

See Also Soviet Union

Russia, Packard Observations:
ca.1959 Observations on the Soviet Union;

Russell Varian Prize:
For innovation in nuclear magnetic resonance technology (NMR); inaugural prize awarded in 2002, first Agilent prize awarded in 2010