Q – Subject File Guide

co-marketing agreement re: lab-on-a-chip solutions, 2003

[acquisition]New Hampshire IP test company acquired in 1999;

includes Quality Policy, dated July 2002; Quality Manual, 11/89;

See Also Total Quality Control  [before 1999]

     See Also President’s Quality Award

“Quality and 16K RAMs: A Hewlett-Packard Case Study”:
presentation on quality of Japanese products (especially semiconductors) at a seminar sponsored by the Electronics Industries Association of Japan, March 25, 1980, Washington D.C.;

(m)R&D, Lab Reports, loose and in need of processing

(m)R&D, Lincoln Welders, Rewiring procedures for  1940

(m)R&D Review, 1974:  Prompted by Bill Hewlett, a memo from Barney Oliver with a list of question of company-wide interest in an R&D review.  Shows an awareness of the value of making a contribution vs improving sales in the next FY including factors such as implementation time, interdepartmental exchange, divisional niche vs competition;