P – Subject File Guide

PACE Inc.:
Feb 1995 announcement of Environmental Lab 2000, joint project to demonstrate the redesign of an entire lab;

Pacific Telesis Video Services:
January 1994 agreement to deliver video-on-demand (VOD) services using HP servers;

(m)Packard Foundation, The David and Lucile, 1988


     See Palo Alto Engineering Company

Page Mill Road, 395:
excerpts from An Architect Grows up in Palo Alto, Memoirs of Birge M. Clark about the original design and construction of the Redwood Building; articles re: construction and expansion in Palo Alto; 8/16/95 Palo Alto Weekly article about the destruction of the original Redwood building; press releases about Agilent’s start on the land where the Redwood Building was first built; original press release announcing selection of historic site for Agilent headquarters; Page Mill Road Timeline including revenue and employee counts; article “Conference Room Concepts”, detailing the naming of each conference room in 395, 12/02; article on Maria Mitchell (conference room namee);

Page Mill Road, 1501:
buildings designed by the architectural firm of Clark, Stromquist, Potter and Ehrlich of Palo Alto, landscape design by Thomas Church; articles in Palo Alto Times, Watts Current and Peninsulan about the design and opening of the building;

     See Also Stanford Industrial Park

Page Mill Road, 1501, Tour Guidelines:
Stanford Plant tour, policy and procedures ca1970; detailed guides of what manufacturing processes were performed in each individual building; Building 20 Fact Sheet;


Palo Alto:
“The Palo Alto Story” brochure printed in 1960; bike tour of historic buildings brochure, 1978; “Visit Palo Alto,” [n.d.];

Palo Alto, History:
“Historical Notes of Interest Surrounding Page Mill Road and Environs” by Ralph W. Hansen, Palo Alto City Historian; “Mayfield,” chapter 8 from Pamela Gullard’s History of Palo Alto: the Early Years, describing area around California Avenue; “1908-1955, Electronics Era Began in Palo Alto,” PA Historical Association’s The Tall Tree, Oct. 1955; “A Nostalgic Look at Paly Hi” brochure written in 1972 for the dedication of a new complex;

Palo Alto Civic Center:
HP Ad congratulating, in 4/16/70 PA Times:

Palo Alto Division:
PAD created 1967; dissolved 1969; “PAD Engineering/Marketing Review,” 7/31/69;

Palo Alto Engineering Company:
[acquisition] HP affiliate PAECO, 694 Page Mill Road?, acquired 1959; letter to stockholders, 3/30/59;


Parliamentary Lessons:
early years;

Partnership Agreement:
between Hewlett & Packard, 1941-44;

Patents, 1993:
HP patent front pages, circulated by Legal Dept. 1993;

See Also 1SRS10 (Patents, Royalties, etc.)

Patents, General:
article on patent requirements and history by Steven Lubar, American Heritage of Invention and Technology, Spr/Summer 1990;

“Patents are Important”:
a guide for HP employees, 1986, 1989;

See Also 1SRS10 (Patents, Royalties, etc.)

Pelikan Technologies:

HP news for peninsula employee, preceded by Watts Current which became peninsula-only newsletter with the introduction in 1963 of Measure; includes final article in the Peninsulan from December 1978;

(m)Peripherals Group, 1988 adds Corvallis

(m)Personal Computer Division, Corvallis Oregon, formed 1981

(m)Personal Office Computer Division, formed 1982, Interviews about the development of the 150 personal computer and the Vectra;


x Human Resources

Personnel, Accident Procedure:
circa 1940;

“Personnel Acquisition and Development”:
Monterey January 1966, Ray Wilbur;

     See Also “Human resources at HP,” Harvard 1982;

Personnel, Administrative Manuals:
1966, 1970;

Personnel, Benefits, Miscellaneous:
data; pension plan; Profit Sharing; Bonus; Picnics; thank you day, 1992, extra paid holiday; Little Basin Campground; excerpt from in-house interview with Barney Oliver that quotes Dave Packard as saying “If your people feel they’re working for you, no bonus system will do you any good. However, if they feel you’re working for them, you don’t need one”;

See Also Profit Sharing

Personnel, Career Self-reliance:

Personnel, Compensation

     See Personnel, Pay

Personnel, Corporate Training & Development:
1975 training schedule; “Training and Development at HP” by William P. Nilsson, 1984;

Personnel, Cost of Living Wage Increase:
June 1968 letter from Packard to all employees;

Personnel, Cutbacks in workforce

     See Personnel, Expense Reduction Measures

Personnel, Department History:
Functional Assignments, 1962; reorganization of corporate and Palo Alto personnel functions, Jan.1966; “Through the Years in Personnel,” 1989; Personnel Journal “HP’s Core Values Drive HR Strategy,” Dec.1993;

Personnel, “Development Guide for Managers, Supervisors”:
circa 1974

Personnel, Directories:
1975, 1978;

See Also Personnel, Employees in Palo Alto

Personnel, Domestic Employee Count:
Nov. 1984 print-out;

Personnel, Drug Testing:
new policy memo from Morton, 6/4/91; pre-employment drug testing program, 10/5/92; summary of legal issues, [n.d.];

Personnel, Employee Benefits (Agilent):

(m)Personnel, Employee Benefits, packets from 1960, Benefits, an Overview, circa 1980, Second Opinion Program circa 1980

Personnel, Employee Booklets:
“About HP” 1957-1963; includes overview of Stanford and Colorado Springs facilities;

x About Hewlett-Packard:

Personnel, Employee Development Program:
“Working at HP,” 1982;

Personnel, Employee Publications, Guidelines:

Personnel, Employee Retirement Plan:
1959, 1962, 1963; 1948 booklet “Employees Retirement Pension Plan”;

Personnel, Employee Review Policy, 1962:
includes notes from Executive Council Meeting, June 12, 1962, outlining Dave Packard’s views on termination policy; Ray Wilbur memo about “marginal” personnel;

Personnel, Employee Training, Policies & Procedures:
1979-80 information on costs, courses offered, development plans, records;

Personnel, Employees in Palo Alto:
1940-55: name, age and hire dates for all;

Personnel, Employment Statistics

See History, Employment Data

Personnel, Enhanced Early Retirement:
1986, 1989-1990, 1991; several memos and articles on early retirement/voluntary severance;

Personnel, Equal Opportunity Workshop:
course workbook,circa 1972; HP’s Equal Opportunity Policy, march 1972; Equal Opportunity Policy, April 1973;

Personnel, Expense

 Reduction Measures, 1963-1998:
layoff; 1991; Bill Terry’s interpretation of Hewlett’s announcement of nine-day fortnight July, 1970; holiday closures; includes a letter from David Packard explaining to Newsweek editor Anne Underwood her misunderstanding of the issues of layoffs;

See Also Personnel, Voluntary Severance Incentive

Personnel, Expense Reduction Measures, 2000:
key messages for temporary pay reduction;

Personnel, Expense Reduction Measures, 2001,2002:
includes 10% wage reduction, 2001; workforce reduction, 2001;

Personnel, Expense Reduction Measures, 2003:

Personnel, Expense Reduction Measures, 2008-2009:

Personnel, Flexible Time Off:
begins in 1982, a combination of vacation and sick leave;

Personnel, Flexible Work Hours:
Boeblingen, 1967; 1974 brochure; articles, memos;

Personnel, Forms:
performance evaluation and development plan, 1980; summer employment application, 1960;

Personnel, Group Insurance:
health benefits; includes a piece of Cort Van Rensselaar’s oral history discussing Hewlett’s role in creating the health insurance program;

Personnel, Group Insurance, Plans:
health plans;

Personnel, Harassment Policy:
brochure: With Dignity, Respect and Courtesy, 2/94;

Personnel, House Rules:
workplace rules, safety, fire/emergency procedures, ca1950;

See Also Workmanship Standards

Personnel, “Human Resource Management Alternatives”:
brochure, 1986, includes table of rebalancing programs and alternatives to hiring;

Personnel, Involuntary Termination:
1974 policy memo from Ralph Lee, John Young and Bob Boniface; termination reviews;

Personnel, Manual:

Personnel, MEIDAS:
BeAgilent feature: Employees and Managers Win Big with Global MEIDAS, 10/11/01

Personnel, Neophyte Seminar, 1979:

Personnel, ‘No Layoff’ Policy:

See Also Personnel, Expense Reduction Measures

Personnel, Non-discrimination Policy:

See Also Affirmative Action

     See Also Personnel, Equal Opportunity Workshop

Personnel, Occupational Hazards & Safety:
compensation; Cleaning Solvents and other safety problems, THINK ‘SAFE’ Sign;

Personnel, Pay Programs:
1982 ranking project history and overview, 1992, includes pay, performance, compensation; 1963 list with monthly pay rate of personnel, policy regarding overtime, sick leave; John Young memo, 1978 detailing comprehensive pay program description; lengthy memo from Keith Elledge, 1967, documenting results of several meetings re: pay reviews, distribution, starting salaries; “Your Pay and You,” 1985;

See Also Sales Representatives

Personnel, Pay Program, Military Reservist:
1991 Persian Gulf War;

Personnel, Personnel:
“Who’s Who in HP Personnel,” 1974; “Worldwide Personnel Managers Look to the Future,” Exchange, 1989;

Personnel, Policy and Guidelines, 1943:
Packard letter, Feb. 1, 1943;

Personnel, Policy and Guidelines, 1950s:
individual employees on the payroll are listed, handwritten and typed, 1950s;

(m)Personnel, Policy & Guidelines, 1987

Personnel, Policy & Guidelines, Foreign Service:

(m)Personnel, Service Awards

Personnel, Statistics

See History, Employment Data

Personnel, Student Summer Employment Program:

Personnel, Travel Policy:
1966; wives, 1987;

Personnel, Voluntary Severance Incentive:
VSI 1985, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1998;

See Also Personnel, Employee Expense Reduction Measures

Personnel, White Papers:
1989 Art Dauer paper outlining future challenges for the function, good section on value of history;

Personnel, Work Hours:
new hours memo, May 1960;

See Also Personnel, Flexible Work Hours

Personnel, Work Injury Claims:

(m)Personnel, Work Life Balance;

see also Lew Platt


Philanthropy Programs (Agilent):
Agilent Action week letter to Barnholt from George Bush about the Flying Hospital; press release re: Stanford equipment grant, 2001; BeAgilent Sky-high commitment to the community (Flying Hospital tour at Moffett Federal Airfield), 12/17/01;

Philanthropy Programs (HP):
Timeline 1939-2001,Donations and contributions, copies of original ledger entries from 1940-41; Grants, Policy and Procedure, 1981,1983; very clear HP Philanthropy Department History with timeline; Hewlett-Packard Company Foundation, 1989; Measure, Sep/Oct 1990; Measure Nov/Dec 1990, “It All Started with a $5 Donation; HP Archives document with citizenship highlights from 1940-1990; A sense of Community brochure, 1992; well-documented charitable giving throughout 90s; Agilent Foundation

See Also Citizenship

See Also Packard, 1965 “Business Management and Social Responsibility”

     Hewlett and Packard – Museum of Science and Industry citation, 1973

first HP office, Jan. 11, 1995;

1945-1963; 1989 Horizon (Sunnyvale Site newsletter) nostalgia issue, featuring company picnics; Measure article with Bill Hewlett discussing company picnics; Packard text discussing picnics; several Watt’s Current articles discussing picnics; Gene Doucette article on the history of picnics; committee reports on picnics, 1976, 1981, 1985; many issues of Watt’s Current;

Picnics, Maps:
maps of Little Basin, San Felipe; picnic flyers;

Pierce Biotechnology:
co-marketing agreement, 2003

Pixel Devices International:
A.T. to Acquire Intellectual Property and Certain Other Assets of Pixel Devices International, 1/31/03

Planning, Forecasting:
1963 Order Forecast from Autin Marx; long range planning meeting, Aug. 17, 1965;

(m)Political Activities, Bill Hewlett on, 1975 memo

Political Activities

     See Citizenship

     See Election, 1992

     See Political Contributions

Political Contributions:
1987 memo from Dave Packard announcing reduction of his political contribution for corporate purposes; Bob Kirkwood’s Guideline for State Contributions;

Predictions, Failed:
flawed prophecies of general interest;

President’s Club:
2001-2007 collateral material, sample invitations, certificates, programs, menus.  See Also Material Culture

President’s Club:
2001-2007 criteria, process; Packard at 1st Club event, 1986

President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness

See Competitiveness

President’s Quality Award:

Press Relations

     See Public Relations, “How to Deal with the Press”

Price Lists:

     See Also Instrument History List

Price Setting:
new instruments, Dave Packard policy, 1958;

Price Waterhouse:
change of accountants, 1977;

(m)Prime Computer, Inc. strategic alliance, Jan. 16, 1992

Product Launch Process:
6/24/02 beAgilent article outlining new SPG productlaunch process;

Product Stewardship Leadership Team:
PSLT leads on environmental responsibility and product development, 11/8/2002;

Production Department Seminar, 1957:
Feb. 23, 1957;

Production Department Seminar, 1959:
July, in Felton;

Products, 01

See Products, Calculator Watch

(m)Products, 006 Option Microwave Limited Option, 1981

(m)Products, 21, 22, 25 pocket calculators hp journal 11.75

(Products, 35:
article from Iowa State University’s Visions highlights first engineers to be graduated who used calculator instead slide rule; 12/17/01 obituary of Robert Zettler who helped design the 35; SRI study

     see also Tom Obsborne oral history; Coll1, Dave Cochran oral history

     See Also 1SRS10 (Patents, Royalties, etc.)

     See Also History, Reminiscences, John Minck;RPN

Products, 45:
article from The Journal, Technological Horizons in Education from June 1974 discussing debate as to whether or not students should use the HP45 in the classroom

(m)Products, HP 80, HP 65 (see also HP Journal 5.74), HP 25C, HP 41C (see also HP Journal, march, 1980) HP-IL

(m)Products HP 95LX, HP 100LX, 200LX palmtop PC, personal computer PalmVue, CareVue, handheld

(m)Products, 150: Personal Computer touch screen

Products, 100B:
secondary frequency standard, data sheet c.1941;

Products, 150A:

     See Also History, Reminiscences, John Minck

     See Also Products, Oscilloscopes

Products, 180A:
oscilloscope, 1966, first solid-state circuitry, first transistor;

Products, 185A:
sampling oscilloscope;

Products, 200A:
resistance-tuned audio oscillator; includes “A Real Gem: HP’s Audio Oscillator Patent Turns 60” from hp.com celebrating the 60th anniversary of the original oscillator patent

     See Also Hewlett thesis “A New Type Resistance-Capacity Oscillator, 1939”;

See Also 1SRS2 (Product catalogs & Manuals)

     See Also R series 6; 200A-AR; 200S-14; 200B; 200B-BR

Products, 200CD:
wide-range oscillator; retirement, 1985;

(m)Products, 250, 1978, HP250 was the first so-called workstation see HP Journal April 1979 (see also HP 300)

(m)Products, HP 300, 1978, Amigo, SOS, silicon on sapphire, described by Dick Hackborn as first workstation (oral history)

Products, 201B & 330B:
audio oscillator and distortion analyzer, plus brief data on 20 other instruments, 12/15/45;

Products, 202B:
low frequency oscillator, tentative specifications, c.1946;

Products, 202D:
audio oscillator, c. 1944;

Products, 210A:
square wave generator, c.1941;

Products, 312A:
High-frequency Wave Analyzer;

(m)Products, 336C Television video carrier frequency monitor

Products, 320A:
distortion analyzer, 12/10/40;

Products, 325B:
noise and distortion analyzer, c. 1941;

Products, 330B
see 201B folder;

Products, 355:
attenuators; e-mail from Art Fong to Ned Barnholt describing products;

Products, 400A:
vacuum tube voltmeter developed by Packard, 1941; 400D, 1954;

Products, 410A:
vacuum tube voltmeter, specifications, and tentative specifications, c.1946;

Products, 450A:
amplifier, c.1946;

Products, 524A, 524B, 524C, 524D:
electronic frequency counters, 1956- ;

Products, 606A, 606B:
signal generators; memo about farewell party for the product, 1981;

Products, 610A:
ultra high frequency signal generator, c.1947;

Products, 614A:
ultra high frequency (UHF) signal generator; Operating and Servicing Manual, 1955;

Products, 616A, 616B:
616A ultra high frequency (UHF) signal generator, tentative data sheet, c.1946; 616B Operating and Servicing Manual, 5/60;

Products, 705A:
signal generator;

Products, 710A:
power supply unit, 6/46;

Products, 780:
Sanborn 780 series, patient monitoring and resuscitation modules;

Products, 970A:
digital multimeter;

(m)Products, 1000

(m)Products, 1000 A-Series

Products, 1601A:
logic state analyzer; 10th anniversary, 1983;

(m)Products, 2XXX

(m)Products, 2026 Data Communication System

Products, 2100:

See Also Products, Microarrays

See Also Products, RNA Evaluation

(m)Products, 2100, (21MX), some 1000. 2005

(m)Products, 2114

(m)Products, 2116A Computer  1967,

see also 1000 A-Series chronology

(m)Products, 3000, anniversary 1997 (25th)

(m)Products, 3000, Precision Architecture, HP PA, RISC, VLSI

(m)Products, 3000, Open Systems

(m)Products, 3000. Sales materials

Products, 3060A:
board test system;

Products, 3070:
circuit board test system;

Products, 3550A:
portable test set;

Products, 3800:
3850A brochure; electronic distance meter; HP Journal, 3810A electronic total station 4/76; photo, Measure June/July 1970; 3800 B announcement, 9/71; Article in High Points on Distance Meters in action, 7/75; Use of 3820A by Archaeologists, July-August/82; High points Article on the release of the 3800A, 11/70;

Products, 4062A:
semiconductor parametric test system;

Products, 4760:
analysis cardiographs 1984;

Products, 4945A:
transmission impairment measuring set (TIMS);

Products, 5004A:
Signature Analyzer;

Products, 5060A:
atomic frequency standard;

Products, 5071A see Products, Clocks

Products, 5100A:
digital frequency synthesizer, 1966; Also 5110A;

Products, 5340:
microwave counter; introduced 1973, first counter to contain HPIB, “a true system instrument”;

Products, 5420A:
digital signal analyzer;

Products, 5525A:
laser interferometer; 5525B introduced 1971;

See Also Products, Laser Interferometers

(m)Products, 7470A: Plotter;

(m)Products, 7910: fixed disc drive;

Products, 8020A:
cardiotocograph, measures fetal distress;

Products, 8145A: optical time domain reflectometer;

Products, 8405A:
vector voltmeter;

Products, 8450A:
UV/VIS Spectrophotometer;

Products, 8510:
wideband microwave network analyzer; introduced 1984;

Products, 8551:
spectrum analyzer, article from Microwaves and RF that details the history of HP’s Microwave and RF products including a great deal about the 8551 and an application for its use by NASA; also includes “Early Development of the Spectrum Analyzer at Hewlett-Packard,” [n.d.];

Products, 8566A, 8566B:
spectrum analyzers;

Products, 8580A:
automatic spectrum analyzer system;

Products, 8590 E-serie:
spectrum analyzer, portable; includes 8591E, 8593E, 8594E, 8595E, 8596E;

Products, 8591A, 8593A:
microwave spectrum analyzer;

Products, 8614

     See Products, Klystron

Products, 8640A, 8640B:
solid-state VHF signal generators;

Products, 8655A:
synchronizer/counter; obsoleted 1983;

Products, 8660A:
synthesized signal generator;

Products, 8702A:
lightwave component analyzer;

Products, 8757A:
microwave scalar network analyzer;

Products, 8902A:
precision measuring receiver;

Products, 8920A:
RF communications test set; field photo, [n.d.];

(m)Products, 9000 Computer

(m)Products, 9000 series 700 PA-RISC introduced March 1991

Products, 9100A:
programmable scientific desktop calculator; ads for this Computing Genie use “personal computer” for first time;

(m)Products, 9100A Calculator Program Library  Part 1

(m)Products, 9100A Calculator Program Library  Part 2

(m)Products, 9825A, calculator

Products, 37900:
signalizing test set;

Products, 54512B:
portable digitizing oscilloscopes;

Products, 64000 Series:
logic development system; 64194S emulator;

Products, 71400A:
lightwave signal analyzer; also 71401A;

Products, 83453A:
high-resolution spectrometer (spectrum analyzer);

Products, 86100A:
scope/analyzer wins product of the year from EE Product News;

Products, 93000:
system-on-chip (SOC) series test platform;

     See Also Products, System-On-Chip

Products (Chronological), 1939-1982:
historical chronology;

Products (Chronological), 1940s:
200A, 320A, 500A; ad for the 205AG; 1945 price sheet/delivery schedule;

Products (Chronological), 1943:
transcript from Packard interview about order from Signal Corps for wave meter (type 758A);

Products (Chronological), 1959:
full product line, valued at $97,000; John Brennis, photographer;

Products (Chronological), 1960s:
includes three complete product spec sheets covering Instrumentation (electronics, medicine, chemistry) from 1967; Instrumentation (electronic, analytical, medical) from 1968; and Measurement Analysis (computation) from 1969;

(m)Products, 1975-78: technical data, field training manuals

Products (Chronological), 1975:
Measure article “The Grand Procession of New Products”;

Products (Chronological), 1988: “Major New Products from HP in 1988” Dick Harmon

Products (Chronological), 1989:
“Major New Products from HP in 1989”

Products (Chronological), 1993:
abstracts from Product Press Relations based on press releases that were distributed to the media;

Products (Chronological), 1994:
abstracts from Product Press Relations based on press releases that were distributed to the media;

Products (Chronological), 2000:

Products (Chronological), 2002:
includes complete listing of products in market-leading positions;

Products, acceSS7:
SS7 network monitoring system, Elron and Gentia alliances, case studies (Sprint, Bell Atlantic, Telecom New Zealand, US West, CLEAR Communications), and awards (Queen’s Award for Technological Achievement, OSS Excellence Award);

See Also Products, Operations Support Systems; A.T. Announces Intent to Strengthen Its Telecommunications Fraud Solution Portfolio (channel agreement with Cerebrus Solutions Ltd), 9/6/01;

Products, accessFIBER:
8/19/2002 article from Fiber Optics News, discussing Telstra’s success using the product

Products, Advertisements

     See Advertisements

(m)Products, Analytical, Instruments for Chemistry, 1970, nd; see also PACE

Products, Analytical:
HP’s analytical product “firsts;” article on forensic crime detection use of gas chromatograph; Analytical Instruments brochures, 1970 & 1971;

Products, ASICs:
application specific integrated circuits;

Products, Atomic Clock:
Background Article;

Products, Atomic Force Microscope:
Molecular Imaging company overview, 2004; Press release of acquisition of Molecular Imaging, 11/29/2005;

Products, Automated Optical Inspection:
SJ50 wins award from SMT Magazine; AOI;

Products, Automatic Welding Machine Starter:
1943; paper presented by William Fenchuk; correspondence with Richmond shipyard; World War II “E” Award;

Products, Bar-Code Readers:

Products, Barney Oliver Amplifier:
1973; includes memo and order form re: building of 100 additional amps, 1973; complete guidebook; Peninsulan article on the amplifier, Feb 1973.

Products, Bit Error Ratio (BER):
booklet: Need to Test BER?, 2000;

booklet: The complete global tester to 2.5 Gb/s – OmniBER 718, 1998, 2000; booklet: The ParBERT 81250 Parallel Bit Error Ratio Tester Product Overview Version 2.0, 3/16/01; booklet: Need to test 40 Gb/s? (86100A), 3/15/201;

Products, Biotechnology:
includes 10/1/2000 article Genetic Engineering, detailing Agilent’s efforts in biotech industry includes background on LabChip kits and microarrays; also from various publications 80s, 90s;

Products, Bowling Alley Foul Indicator:
schematic, 1940;

Products, Broadband Networking:
75000 test system; backgrounder, 4/5/93;

(m)Products, Brochures, Computer, 1980s

(m)Products, CAE Simulation of Digital-Communication Systems

(m)Products, Calculator brochures, advertisements, 21, 22, 25, 3x, 45, 55, 65, 67, 70, 80, 92, 97.9825A

Products, Calculator Watch:
1973, code name Cricket, aka HP-01; HP Journal, Dec.1987; owners guide; “HP-01 Wrist Instrument, 1977” (includes cutaway view), 1/23/03

Products, Hand Held Calculators:
Announcement of the 25th Anniversary edition of the HP 12C, 2006;

Products, CART Printer Controller:
“Printer on a Chip”;

Products, Cathode Ray Tube:

Products, Chemical Analysis Systems:
brochure 1997

Products, Clocks:
atomic, info on cesium/caesium beam, rubidium vapor; hydrogen maser; aircraft collision avoidance system, flying clocks, HP5071, Leonard Cutler, Curt Flory, Robin P. Giffard, Agilent 5071A Primary Frequency Standard; Smithsonian donation December 2000; Backgrounder: HP Cesium II Technology, including photo of 5071A, 12/31/91; Backgrounder: The Importance of Timekeeping, 12/31/91; A New Cesium Beam Frequency Standard Performance Data, by John A. Kusters and James L. Johnson, Hewlett-Packard Co, n.d.; Employees transferring to Symmetricom, 08/09/2005;

(m)Products, CMOS

Products, CMOS image sensors:
Press Release: A.T. Announces Monochrome Image Sensors for Biometrics, Robotics and Security Applications, 10/03/01; A.T. Enables Sprint PCS Vision Phone Camera, 12/9/02;

(m)Products, Computers, 1970s-1980s

(m)Products, Computers, Applications

(m)Products, Computers, Personal, portable, handheld:  HP 85, first HP pc, 1980; HP 80 series, 45C – color system, 1980; 71B handheld, 1984, 110 portable , 1984; Vectra computer/calculator, 150 touchscreen, 1984; HP 75 first portable, 1983; Integral PC, 1985; The Portable, 1986; , Pavilion consumer pcs for the home

See Also Omnibook 1993; HP 95 LX, 100LX, 200 LX, OmniGo

See Also (m)Home Products Division

Products, Crop Thinner:
lettuce thinner; by Marihart Corp.;

(m)Products, Dashboard software

(m)Products, Data Terminals: 2640B, 2645A, 2649A, 2641A, 2648A, 3071A, 7260A

(m)Products, Database brochure 1986

(m)Products, Debug software

Products, Defibrillators:
selling external defibrillators (AEDs) online; See Also Products, ForeRunner

Products, Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM):
booklet Building bandwidth together – Test solutions for DWDM, 1999, 2000;

Products, Digital Voltmeters:
1997 historical overview of DVMs; Non Linear Systems (NLS), Kaypro, includes articles from The Profession, 1997;

(m)Products, Disk Drives

Products, E-pHEMT:
single voltage gallium arsenide transistors; Press Release: A.T. Introduces Industry’s Smallest Single-voltage, Enhancement Mode E-pHEMT GaAs FET, 10/17/01;

Products, Electroanesthesia:
Master of Veterinary Science thesis by Brian Bagnal; 3380B animal immobilizer;

See Also 1SRS11 (VHS videotape from Brian Bagnall)

Products, Electrocardiograph:
ECG history, 1917-1970; medical heart monitoring; operating instructions for the Cambridge Simpli-trol Steth Electrocardiograph includes note designating this original copy as “the only copy in HP”;

Products, Electronography:
X-ray machine capable of lifting fingerprints off frequently handled documents;

(m)Products, EPIC, HP and Intel join to develop next-generation microprocessor architecture, October 1997

(m)Products, EtherTwist networking hardware and software catalog, 1992

Products, Ethernet Over Sonet:
EoS mapper chip;

(m)Products, Fax, history of the fax machine, plain-paper facsimiles, with inkJet technology;

See Also (m)Product, peripherals

Products, Fault Detective:
Fault Detective for Data Communications (FDDC); network fault detection, sniffer;

Products, FBAR:
Film Bulk Acoustic Resonator duplexer;

Products, Fiber Optic Components:
transmitters, receivers, transceivers; parallel optics solutions; HFBR5104, HFBR5203, HFBR712BP, HFBR722BP; MDA-1220-08S, surface mount modulator driver amplifier;

x Products, HFBR

     See Also Products, XENPAK

Products, FireHunter:
software, Diagnostic Management Server (DMS);

Products, FM Test Equipment:
1950s era; 335B, 410A, 710A, 206A, 201B, 330C;

Products, ForeRunner:
brochure: Introducing the ForeRunner automatic external defibrillator (from Heartstream), 2/97; HP Introduces Heartstream AED Trainer for Realistic Training of Emergency Responders, 5/5/98;

Products, Fourier Analyzers:
5451A, 5470A, 5471A;

Products, Fused Silica Capillary Column:
Gas Chromatography;

Products, G503A:
reflectometer calculator;

Products, Gas Chromatographs:

See Also Products, Fused Silica Capillary Column

(m)Products, Grit wheel technology for HP Plotters, court case, Larry Labarre

(m)Products, Handheld Technology (See also Product, Computers; Product HP 95 LX; Product, OmniGo

Products, Gene Expression Analysis:
packet of material, including Solutions for Gene Expression Analysis (2001), Protein 200 LabChip Kit (2000), 2100 Bioanalyzer Automated Analysis System (11/00), DNA LabChip Kits (2001),

RNA LabChip Kits (2001), Human 1 cDNA Microarray Kit (2001),

BioCentury article “Putting chips down”(2/26/01);

Products, General Packet Radio Service (GPRS):
Press Release: A.T. Delivers Industry’s First Low Cost Diagnostic and Repair solution for GPRS Mobile Phones, 10/01/01;

Products, Heart-Sound Amplifier:
1940 amplifier, galvanometer;

Products, HFBR

     See Products, Fiber Optic Components

Products, HP-IB:
HP interface bus; international data interconnect standard;

Products, HSDL-3208:
serial infrared transceiver;

Products, InfiniBand:
press release announcing Agilent’s joining of InfiniBand Trade Association, dated 4/29/03

(m)Products, Integrated Circuits, ICs, (see also News release “Clean Room” 4/5/84); Tutorial Review and Comparison of IC Technologies for HP Managers, by Hewlett-Packard Laboratories, 1974

(m)Products, Kingman Resistor Card Fabricator  1947

(m)Products, Kittyhawk, June 1992, March 1993. 1.3 inch disk drive

Products, Klystron:
8614A signal generator, 1963; Minck reminiscences;

Products, Lab-on-a-Chip:
Fortune article; Caliper Technologies; kits;

     See Also Products, Bioanalyzers

Products, Laser Interferometer:
positioning systems; single laser split, Zeeman effect;

See Also Products, 5525A

Products, Laser Interferometer:
Ken Wayne’s notebook documenting labs work to introduction 1966-1970

Products, Lasers:
Agilent blazes the trail in laser developments, 1/30/03;

Products, Light-Emitting Diodes:
HP Journal February 1969; Light Fantastic – Blue LEDs Light Up Consumer Markets by David Wilson, ABCNEWS.com, 6/15/00; Philips, Agilent joint venture LumiLeds offers enhanced LED technology, by Douglas E. Caldwell, Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal, 7/27/01; web article from April 2002 announcing that Santa Clara’s traffic signals had recently been switched to LEDs;

See Also History, Reminiscences, John Minck, components group

Products, Liquid Chromatograph:

Products, Mass Spectrometer

     5930A in Watts Current, 1971;

Products, Medical:
Patient Monitoring System; Transesophageal Probe; Ultrasound; HP SONOS; medical instrumentation catalog, 1971; Tuberculosis Identification System from A.T. and MIDI Inc. Receives FDA Clearance, 1/15/03;

Products, Microarray Scanners:

Products, Microarrays:
A.T. and Exelixis Sign Agreement to Customized DNA Microarrays, 10/12/00; Agilent Laboratories Announces $6.1 Million DARPA [Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency] Collaboration to Develop Breakthrough DNA Synthesis Process [Nucleic Acids], 12/3/01; Mouse cDNA Microarray Kit Aids Researchers in Study of Human Disease, 12/12/01; other articles here;

Products, Microwave, general:
includes “Uses for the Microwave Spectrum,” note in upper right corner says “used by Minck for orientation”

     See Also Stanford Park Division Reference Guide

Products, Microwave Link Analyzers:
3711A, 3791B, 3712A, 3793B;

Products, Microwave Repeaters:
John Minck reminiscence about repair of PMR-4s for AT&T;

Products, Mopiers:
LaserJet, “multiple original prints”;

Products, Motion Sensing Components:
brochure dated 8/15/2001; optical encoders, potentiometers;

Products, NetMetrix J5490A Gigabit Ethernet LAN probe:

Products, Network Analyzers:

See Also Products, 8510

(m)Products, New Wave software, 1988

Products, NgN Analysis System

     See Products, Operations Support Systems

(m)Products, Object-oriented database, software

(m)Products, OEM Digital Magnetic Tape Units, 1973

(m)Products, OmniBook, 1993 notebook

(m)Products, OmniGo 100, 1995, handheld marketplace

Products, Operations Support Systems: general brochure on OSS; NgN Analysis System wins award; brochure: Providing Network and Service Assurance – OSS Solutions for Next Generation Networks (2000); brochure: OSS Solutions for Next-Generation Networks and Services (2001);

See Also accessFIBER

Products, Optical Mouse:
includes Feb. 18, 2003 announcement introducing reference design for lower cost optical mouse in conjunction with Cypress Semiconductor

Products, Optical Network Test:
booklet: Optical Network Test, 2000; booklet: Optical Routing Test Solution, 2001; See Also Products, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer

Products, Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR):
brochure: Agilent E6000B Mini-Optical Time Domain Reflectometer Technical Specification, 12/99; reprint from June 2000 edition of Laser Focus World: Automated OTDRs take on 21st-century fiber testing, by Frank Buchanan; See Also Products, Optical Network Test

Products, Oscillators:
1939-1989, 200 series history, number sold;

Products, Oscilloscopes:
product sheet, circa 1940s; color brochure, circa 1970; press release announcing 54600 Infiniium series with MegaZoom Deep Memory; A.T. Ships Industry’s First 6 GHz Real-Time Oscilloscope and 7 GHz Probe System [Infiniium 54850], 2/14/03;

See Also History, Reminiscences, John Minck

(m)Products, PA RISC, Precision Architecture, press conference, Feb. 25, 1986 John Young, opening remarks; Joel Birnbaum, “….Spectrum Introduction”; Douglas Spreng, “HP Precision Architecture in the Commercial Market”. For slides at presentation see SRS1p-RISC, Feb. 25, 1986.

See also Individuals file — Birnbaum for RISC, CISC history at HP 1981-84; code-named “vision”

Products, Performance Signal Generators:
press release documenting recognition as “Top Product of 2001” by Microwaves and RF magazine;

(m)Products, peripherals: general, printers, scanners, facsimiles(fax), OfficeJet printer-fax-copier-scanner

See also printers, scanners, fax

Products, Photonic Switch:

(m)Products, PhotoSmart PC photography system, 1997. Microsoft software Picture It!, inkjet printer, scanner, camera, paper

(m)Products, Plotters:  Large-Format History, Market & Technology; Moseley; grit wheel; vector, raster; DesignJet

(m)Products, Printers, InkJet: ink jet, PaintJet, DeskJet, VidJet, portable, general, paper pick problem January, 1995 customer service;

See Also Customer Service

(m)Products, Printers, LaserJet, HP2680, laser page printer.

See Also Product, Peripherals

(m)Products, Printing at HP, general, history.

Products, Protocol Analyzers:
products for WAN and LAN, beginning with the 1640A;

Products, RNA Evaluation:
A.T. and Ambion to Co-market Select Life Science Products (2100 Bioanalyzer, RNA LabChip kits, Ambion’s RNA-related reagents), 8/9/01

Products, Roaming Welcome System:
developed in South Queensferry

(m)Products, Scanners

Products, Semiconductor, Ambient Light Sensor:
IC tweaks screen based on ambient light [HSDL-9000 photosensor], by Junko Yoshida, Electronic Engineering Times, 5/12/03;

Products, Semiconductor Solutions for the Connected World:
booklet: Agilent Camera Module solutions for Mobile Handsets, 3/11/03; booklet: Agilent Solutions for Mobile Information Appliances, 3/11/03;

Products, Silicon on Sapphire:
1979,1980 HP papers on SOS technology,plant blueprint; internal memos;

Products, Silicon on Sapphire, Publicity:
HP phases out SOS technology, Nov.1980; Dataquest overview of SOS, March 1979;

Products, Smartclock:
economical alternative to atomic clock announced, 10/4/95;

See Also Products, Clocks

(m)Products, Software see also New Wave

(m)Products, Solid State, history, silicon diodes, display 1967-1969, HPA HP Associates.  See also HP Associates

(m)Products, Spectrum 1984-87

See also 3000, RISC, PA RISC, 9000

Products, Spectrum Analyzers:
history 1976; also includes press release from May 29, 1964 clearly describing the product; Performance Signal Analyzer, E4440A;

Products, Spectrum Analyzers, ESA:
launch plan for ESA family;

(m)Products, Spectrum Program 1987

Products, Stethoscopes:
HP Stethos, 1999; electronic stethoscope, “it’s like listening in color”; auscultation capabilities enhanced; HP 280 Rappaport-Sprague;

Products, System-on-Chip:
millionth SOC shipped, 4/24/2001;

Products, Temperature Control:
Porter-Hewlett-Packard, 1939; Dave Packard drawings; oscillator warranty; bowling alley foul indicator schematics, etc.*;

Products, Ultrasound:
64 channel imaging system;

Products, Vacuum Tube Volt Meters:
low frequency VTVM, 1944;

Products, Vantera:
platform/products for electric utilities (power companies);

(m)Products, Video

Products, Voltage Controlled Oscillators (VCOs):

Products, Wireless:
wireless telecommunications components and test products; cellular, infrared;

(m)Products, Workstations

Products, XENPAK:
Press Release: A.T. Introduces Industry-first Serial 10 Gb/s Ethernet Transceiver in XENPAK Package

[10 GBASE-LR], 9/24/01; data sheet, 3/11/02;

See Also Products, Fiber Optic Components

Professional Services Division:
PSD formed August 1991 in Mountain View, California

“Profiles in Diversity”:
1988 brochure about affirmative action, equal opportunity, commitment to women and minorities;

Profit Sharing:
summary, 1962-1999; history; articles; FAQs;

See Also 4SRS Oral Histories (Ray Wilbur); after 2003, see Agilent Results Bonus – ARB

Profit Sharing, CEO Announcements:
1970-1992 text, from 1970-1999;

Profit Sharing, CEO Announcements (Agilent):
Ned Barnholt’s PA announcement to employees;

Project 90’s:
follow-up to 1990 General Manager’s Meeting; topics include strategic intent and core competencies; decision-making processes and measurement systems; 1990, Corporate Development; John Young Vision, remarks 1/23/92; planning, directions for the 90s;

Project 90’s, Articles:
articles from Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review;

Project 2000:
proposal; roundtable tapes October 1993;

Proprietary Information

See Trade Secrets

Public Relations:
department values and mission, ca.1980s; long-term objectives, 1986?; Take the Offensive themes and issues, 1988; Oct.1991 inside PR report lists HP as #20 in its rank of the most admired PR;

See Also Community Affairs, Corporate Communications

     x Press Relations

Public Relations, Biography Files:
program to maintain a file of bios and resumes of executives, 1960s-80s;

See Also Communications Department

     See Also 1SRS6 (Individual Files, A-Z)

Public Relations, Boilerplate, 1982:

(m)Public Relations, Command Performances Award, 1988

Public Relations, “Communicating HP’s Culture”:
presented to IABC Group March 1983;

Public Relations, Communicators’ Workshop 1988:

Public Relations, Communicators’ Workshop 1989:
includes interview with WRH and DP, including quotes about mergers and acquisitions;

Public Relations, Communicators’ Workshop 1991:

Public Relations,”Dealing with the Media in a Major Emergency”:
circa 1985;

Public Relations,”How to Deal with the Press, Guidelines for HP Managers”: ca.1966, includes “How to Work with the Press,” circa 1990;

Public Relations, Inventory Visits:
1966 F&M Scientific (Avondale) and Rockaway, New Jersey, conducted by Merle Maas;

Public Relations, Orientation:
introduction to HP slide show script, 1973- ;

Public Relations Questionnaire

     See Open Line, 1985

(m)Public Relations, Quotes from Bill and Dave

Public Relations, Reminiscences, Kirby:
interview with Dave Kirby  discussing Bill and Dave’s involvement with the financial press releases, annual reports and executive speeches;

See Also, 4SRS (Dave Kirby oral history)

(m)Public Relations, Study-Visit USA: by students of Delft Univ. of Technology, 1983;

(m)Public Relations, Volunteer program, 1982

(m)Publications from HP, List of 1943-70s

Puerto Rico:
includes information on inauguration of HP Oki Printed Circuits in 1991, as well as Dean Morton’s 5-1-89 speech at the inauguration of HP’s manufacturing facilities in Aguadilla;

(m)Purchasing, Kardex  1959