N – Subject File Guide

Name Launch (Agilent):
several newsclips from various sources about the name change; also includes original press kit from the launch; names of 70 Agilent ambassadors from around the world who were flown in to witness the historic event; copy of Apa Khabar detailing the launch from the perspective of the Malaysian Ambassadors; name-related Q&A; small pocket-sized booklet, mostly pictures, with text defining Agile, Agilent, the Agilent symbol, etc.

Name Search (Agilent):
includes memo from Bill Hahn about decision to create new company name; also original press release launching name, 1999; file containing strategic planning around name launch in original “Cheetah Background” folder;

Nanobiotechnology Center:
5/3/2001 article detailing Agilent’s Dr. Darlene Solomon election to the Advisory Board of new $20 million research facility;

Nanopore Technology

     See Harvard-Agilent Collaboration

(m)National Information and Infrastructure Testbed (NIIT);

see also CSPP

National Cancer Institute:
purchasing agreement, 2003

National Inventors Hall of Fame:
American Society of Patent Holders; Packard solicitation letter;

Neely Enterprises established 1933; becomes HP affiliate Nov. 1, 1962; bus mobile Lab; Measure article from October 1976 describing Norm Neely two months after retirement; Neely Enterprises Staff biographies, ca1953; road show flyer; “Back to the Future” article with timelines summarizes 50 year relationship with HP, La Prensa, Fall 1989;

See Also La Prensa

Neely, Advertisements:
ink blotters 1959-1960;

Neely, Annual Reports:

Neely, Facilities Reports:
1957-58; 1958-59;

Neely, First Fifty Years, 1933-1983:
(part 1 of 2) introduction includes letter from Phil Scalzo and overview articles about HP, including Business Week article with Packard quote about market share from 1975; sections for decades, 1930s, 1940s, 1950s include Watts Current and La Prensa material, especially biographical;

Neely, First Fifty Years, 1933-1983:
(part 2 of 2) sections for decades 1960s, 1970s and 1980s with material from La Prensa and other publications;

Neely, Historical Display:
correspondence: to George Cline;

Network Control Systems SpA:
[joint venture] HP invests in NECYS, a subsidiary of STET, 1988;


Networking Solutions Division:

New Jersey Division (Rockaway):
Harrison and Rockaway divisions merger, 1968; Rockaway Plant brochure, 1971;

New York Stock Exchange

     See Stock Exchange (New York)

Newbridge Networks Corp.:
alliance with NNC announced Nov.1994 to create high-speed LAN, ethernet solution supporting voice and video;

Next Computer:
port NextStep to HP’s RISC – Roelandts quote about Steve Jobs;

circa 1970s;

North American Free Trade Agreement:

North Carolina State University,
collaboration to develop new microarray for rice disease research, press release dated April 23, 2003

Northern Telecom:
1988 announcement of strategic business alliance between NT and HP, called Corporate Networks Operations (CNO) in Santa Clara; changes announced 10/3/91;

(m)Novell, alliance, 12.1991 to develop NetWare for PA-RISC, UNIX, POSIX;

Nuclear Weapons

     See Weapons

Nurses at HP

     See 1SRS6 (Individual Files, Lucile Packard) for remarks made at Nurse’s Health Conference Sept. 17, 1981;