L – Subject File Guide

La Prensa:
special issue for 20th Anniversary of the formation of the Neely Sales Region at Hewlett-Packard Company; Norm Neely Celebrates 50 Years in the Electronics Industry with Special Friends, July 1983 issue;
     See Also Neely

Lake Stevens Instrument Division:
LSID formed in Washington 1981;

Large Scale Biology Corporation:
10/10/2002 Licensing Agreement

Latin America:
HP Inter-Americas, the ship S.S. Mormacwave, 1966; Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Venezuela, Brazil;

Leadership meeting,
12/11-12/00;transcript February 16, 2005

Leadership meeting,
webcast, 3/26/01, 6/18-19/01

Leadership meeting
Forum: “Leading the Journey”, 12/2-4/02

Leadership meeting,
Senior Leadership Forum: “Winning Through Innovation”, 9/28-30/04, see also audio tapes filed under the same name

“LEC Book of Characters,” 1992:
Hewlett-Packard Vienna Localization Engineering Center; typographic characters in: Arab World, former USSR, ECE, East Central Europe, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, former Yugoslavia, Greece, Israel, Turkey;

Legends & Company Stories:
legends article in Dun’s Review, tells of nine-day fortnight and 200A; “Story-telling in Corporate Culture,” NYT 10/13/91
See Also Disney Studios, Stancil

Lemelson Award:
Hewlett and Packard are first recipients; info form MIT website;

Letters to Employees, 1969-1979:
from Packard, Hewlett, Young, Wilbur; topics include, security, 1969; internal theft, 1970; Proposition 9, 1972; benefits, 1973; payroll changes, 1973; salary program, 1974; Savings Bond Program, 1974; Retirement Plan improvements; medical benefits changes, 1975; benefits, 1975; U.S. Savings Bond campaign, 1976; benefits, 1977; inflation, 1979

Booklet: History of the Libraries; Article dated June 1984 discussing LIBBIE, HP Labs’ Corporate Library online database referencing tool; Announcement of Library@Agilent, 4/5/2005;

Lick Observatory:
includes copy of Packard drawing of thyraton dives for telescope, August 24, 1939(original see 3COLL37 Box 1A);copy of pages in 1939 Cash Book relating to product (original see series 7 – Financial Records folder 7/1/1; material related to of Jerry Nelson’s pulsar work using the atomic clock including Remington Stone’s reminiscence.

Life Sciences & Chemical Analysis:
LSCA org chart, 5/01/01; LSCA Announces Life Science Strategy Advisory Board [LS SAB], 1/23/03; Press Release: A.T. Forms Advisory Board (LS SAB) for Life Sciences [also bio data on members Paul Herrling, Anthony F. Martin, Mark H. Skolnick, Wendell Wierenga], 2/04/03; Agilent in environmental analysis, 2004

HP uses Linux software, 1999

Little Basin Recreation Area:

Little Falls (Delaware) Site:
move completed 11/92; controversy over Ferris Trust parcel, open space; formerly Avondale, Pennsylvania Analytical Products Group (APG); Brochure with map;
See Also Avondale Division (Pennsylvania)
Litton, Charlie:
See 1SRS6 (Individual Files, A-Z)

Livingston Site (Scotland):
former Apollo plant closing, 1990;
(m)Logo, Agilent 1999, naming

Lotus Development Corp:
strategic alliance with HP, 1994;

Loveland Division, 25th Anniversary, 1985
Announcements; “A Twenty Five Year History of the Loveland Facility”; Hewlett Packard Gazette; Newspaper Clippings;

Loveland Division, Dedication, 1962:
program, news release, clippings, open hour tour map;

Loveland Division, History:
brochure created for the 25th anniversary; Loveland newsletter from 1970; irreverent view of 1967 Georgetown Conference; Measure article on flood of 1976; book by Kenneth Jessen, HOW IT ALL BEGAN about HP in Loveland; interesting 70s-era brochures “Your Future in Loveland, Colorado” “Welcome Loveland Facility” and “HP Loveland Division”;

Loveland Division, Tour Guidelines:
1976 draft;

Lucile Packard Foundation for Children’s Health:
contains clip detailing service to children and youth in East Palo Alto;

Lumileds LLC:
[Joint Venture] (between Agilent and Philips Lighting); Luxeon product brochure; Sale of Agilent stake to Philips, 11/28/2005
See Also Products, Light-Emitting Diodes