J – Subject File Guide

J&W Scientific:
[acquisition] 3/29/2000 merger agreement; capillary gas chromatography (GC) columns and consumables, Folsom, California

earthquakes, Jan.1995; also Watt’s Current from June 1961; HP’s Experience in Negotiating and Operating a Joint Manufacturing & Marketing Venue in Japan,” Karl Schwarz, 1988;
See Also Yokogawa-HP

Japan Management Association:
Marketing Excellence Prize, American Top 15 Companies, 1984
(m)Japan Marketing 1970, See Also Yokogawa-Hewlett-Packard

“Jewels of Knowledge on Product Management”:
Corporate Engineering, 1990

Joint Analytical Systems GmbH:
licensing agreement for atomic emissions detector, 2002;

Joint Venture Silicon Valley:
1992 & 1993 reports; “Smart Valley, an Electronic Community”; Net Day ’96; Blueprint for 21st Centurey Community; Economy at Risk;
Joint Ventures
     See Strategic Alliances

JOT Automation:
[Joint Venture] partnership with JOT formed 1998;
(m)Julie Research Labs, controversy, 1981-82
Just in Time [JIT]
See Inventory Control & Management
     See Also HP Manufacturing Systems