I – Subject File Guide

Idacom Electronics Ltd.:
[acquisition] Canadian telecommunications & network test company acquired 1990; merger management materials; Idacom Division newsletter; presentation called “Why Buy Vector?”‘

line printer business in new facility near Boise, 1973; includes Richard Hackborn reminiscences

[Tradeshow] new exhibit, built by Sanford Exhibits, trucked to New York, 1964; Minck reminiscence; exhibit brochure, IRE 1953; “Easy Street” at IRE brochure;

Import Marketing Group:

Imprint Lithography:
A Radically Different Way to Create Advanced Electronic Devices, in collaboration with The University of Texas at Austin [microlithography]; 9/01/00

Blue Star, distributor and HP venture partner; alliance with Tata Consulting, a software developer, announced 1995; tribute to Blue Star founder Mohan Advani, 1974; U.S. Government sanctions, 1998; BeAgilent: Agilent India celebrates two new beginnings (new A.T.Telecommunications Systems and Networking Laboratory at U. of Burdwan, and, Communications Solutions Group’s Advanced Networks Division R&D Center moves to new facility), 10/26/01; hpNOW – Historical look back at HP’s entry into India, 2006;


Industrial Design:
Information Assets
     See Trade Secrets
(m)Information Systems, history by Mel Kelm, circa 1980, see History, Divisions
(m)Informix [joint venture], alliance 1991
Initial Public Offering
     See Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering
     See Stock (HP)
(m)Inkjet Products Group, home imaging market 1995

Information Technology:  I.T., IT;
One IT transformation Computerworld Honors, 2002;IT function presentation on the transformation, Feb. 2004

memo from Jack Brigham about HP stock transactions, 1975;

Instrument History List, 1972:
(check with Archives assistant)

“[The] Instrument Makers”:
Jerry Borrell article in from Oct. 2001 Upside Magazine features HP, Ned Barnholt, Len Cutler, atomic clock, Varian, Hansen, Weindorf;

Instrument Product Group:
Ingredients for Long Term Competitiveness in Marketing, Bill Terry, 1982; 1983, Bill Terry letter to managers on managing, with attached reading material and IPG history; “It’s Catalog Time Again,” 1978;
(m)Integrated Circuit Dept., “As I.C. It” HP 1974, 1977, l985
(m)Integrated Circuit Business Division, ICBD

Integrated Systems Division:
ISD formed within Networked Systems Group, circa October 1991, formerly Advanced Manufacturing Systems Operation, AMSO;

development agreement to create PCI Express technology, 2003
(m)Intel, Technology agreement to develop chip set, April 1992; June 8 1994 alliance, joint R&D project to provide technologies for workstations and servers

Intercontinental Operations (Intercon):
Intercon issue of Measure (Nov. 1976); anniversary dates and histories, 1984;
See Also Geographic Operations (after 1993)
See Also International Business
     See Also Marketing, International

preliminary program from 1989 HP Users Group conference;

International Business:
Dave Kirby interview with Bill Doolittle, 1969; “The Origin and Growth of HP’s International Manufacturing and Development Activities,” paper written in 1970; Carlstrom letter to Consulate of Federal Republic of Germany about Hewlett’s initial efforts to locate HP in Europe, 1986; Hewlett talk at Stanford, 1960; History of HP Abroad, 1954-1972, written by Thomas A. Christiansen; List of HP International Organizations, 1958-1972, also by Christiansen; international (HPSA) issue of Measure, Aug/Sep 1974; international business and competitiveness – a letter from John Young to Philip Gordon, HP Boise, outlining global business and corporate objectives, 1985; Europe, Asia, Latin America; Charts, graphs 1955-1980, From Dick Alberding’s office; brain drain to US articles; “Going Global, HP’s 34 Year Journey,” 1993 address by Lee Ting; 1969 annual report features international growth in operations & sales; Offshoring, position paper 2004
See Also Geographic Operations (after 1993)
See Also Intercontinental Operations (Intercon)

International Business, Case Studies:
Gregory Young study of HP, Varian and Ampex, “Case Study of Three U.S. Based Electronic Firms Operating in Europe,” University of California Graduate School of Business, 1968; S. Prakash Sethi, “Hewlett-Packard Company U.S.A.,” UC Berkeley, 1968-1970;

International Business, Packard:
“Comments on Conduct” by David Packard, 1976

“International Expansion: A Case Study”:
by William R. Hewlett, circa 1970
International Marketing
     See Marketing, International

International Policy:
1981 Manual; travel policy; pricing policies, ca.1968;
(m)International Public Affairs, “Fast Facts – Asia Pacific, Latin America, Canada,” country profiles, 1993; Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Venezuela

International Sales & Service Directories:
1987 IS&S Directory; International Offices 1967, 1970, 1987, 1988; “Where in the World Are We?” 1972;
(m)International Tax Policy

HP Internet Solutions Program, ca.1995; articles relating to HP and the internet, including Bob Walker’s CIO magazine cover quote; also Access HP, CommerceNet, Information Highway, intranets, e-mail;
See Also Oracle
See Also Electronic Mail

Internet Technology Group:
ITG forms, 1996;
     See Web Site (Agilent), Internal

“Introduction To Management”:
1981 new supervisor training course material includes a part on the HP Way;

Inventory Control and Management:
May 15, 1987 article from Electronic Business “Lew Platt: Fine Tuning HP’s Manufacturing Strategy”;
x Just in Time
See Also Manufacturing, Scheduling & Planning
     See Stock (Agilent), Initial Public Offering

war, 1991; trade issues; war, 1993; drawer statement on Huawei Technologies Situation; war, 2003
     See IEEE/IRE [tradeshow]

facts sheet, 3/03

Iris Technologies:
co-marketing agreement re: ChromSword Auto software with Agilent 1100 Series HPLC systems and Agilent ChemStation software
(m)ISG 1995 Vision Video technology summary, video produced in 1989; see also videotape and photograph collection SRS1P

HP Labs, MARS subsidiary CMS (Computing and Measurement Systems) acquired, 1998; also information on Electronics and Engineering Division of Motorola Israel as it relates to HP;
IT:  See Information Technology

European Technology Transfer center established in Milan, 1988;