H – Subject File Guide

Ham Radio Operators:
(m)Hanover, 3000: corporate headquarters, plans, reports, meetings with Palo Alto City Council, Planning Commission, Architectural Review Board, Stanford Industrial Park, 1974-1978

Harmony Plotters:
“Your Harmony Plotters: Its Past & Its Future,” Watt’s Current Jan. 1951; history of this HP social organization; recreation, 1940s;
See Also Bowling
     See Also Sports
     See Personnel, Harassment Policy

Harrison Laboratories Inc.:
[Acquisition] 11/21/61 news release announces HP intent to acquire Berkeley Heights, NJ company that develops power supplies;

Harrison Laboratories Inc., Managerial Guidelines:
management principles of Bill Harrison, 1965, including Dave Packard Endorsement;

Harvard–Agilent Collaboration:
press release from June 1, 2001 discussing joint research project between Agilent and Harvard to develop breakthrough nanopore technology, “Threading a Needle with DNA”

Healthcare Solutions Group:
historical highlights of the group; “Healthcare Innovations for the Internet Age,” 2000 HSG brochure;

Healthcare Solutions Group, Divestiture:
Project Aurora Overview, 12/2000; news release announcing agreement to sell HSG to Royal Philips Electronics; info about Philips Medical System;
     See Also Acquisitions, Divestitures, Joint Ventures

“Hewlett-Packard, A 1975-1978 Review”:
Harvard Business School case study, c1980 by Roger M. Atherton and Dennis Crites;
(m)Hewlett-Packard, Aldus, Microsoft alliance, 1986
(m)Hewlett-Packard Japan, see Yokogawa
(m)Hewlett-Packard Work Experience Program, 1979
(m)Hewlett-Packard’s Company Store, catalog, 1989

contains several articles; also includes mystery notes possibly Alan Rush’s (?) (circa 1990s) complete with doodles discussing the history of the company, the outlook for the future, etc.; also includes historical highlights in timeline form; also includes “Hewlett-Packard, a Company History,” brochure circa late 70s;
See Also Electronics Industry, History
See Also Computer History, HP

See Also 3COLL9 (George Climo collection)

History, Chronological Highlights (Agilent):

History, Chronological Highlights (HP):
includes timelines;

History, Divisional Structure: Corporate Information Systems, History by Mel Kelm, circa 1980; Systems, Dymec; Data acquisitions systems, 2010; mini computers, Data Systems, Inc., 2116A; PAD, 9500; timeshare computer systems, 2000; Cupertino; Datamec, Mountain View Division; Data Products Group; Automatic Measurement Division, AMO, Sunnyvale; peripherals, Boise; Computer Systems Group; group structure;
See Also by division name (e.g. Stanford Park Division)

History, Employment Data:

History, Financial, 1939-1999: “Revenue Earnings Employees by Year”; Fortune 500, profit sharing, stock high, low, dividends, annual sales, earnings announcements, list of investments in subsidiaries, through 1981; fiscal year end October 31
See Also 1SRS3: News Releases

History, Financial, 1974:
contains San Jose Mercury News Progress article from January 1974 outlining HP’s “dramatic increase in sales, earnings”; Bill Hewlett column concerning 1974; press releases showing expansion and good news (mostly) in 1974 at HP (looks like it was pulled together for the 1975 Progress article); letter from Fred Dickey indicating strong need of a Progress edition to counteract “economic pessimism”;

History, Financial, 1999 – :
includes Alain Couder’s “Navigating a Tough Business Environment” coffee talk, Mar/April 2001;

History, Financial, FY2000:

History, Financial, FY2001:

History, Financial, FY2002:

History, Financial, FY2003:

History, Internal Articles:
Watt’s Current and Measure articles 1947-1971;
See Also Anniversary

History, Interview, Bill and Dave:
transcript of videotape series, 1980-81;

History, Publications, Annual Factsheets:
History, Regional
     See Silicon Valley

History, Reminiscences, John Minck:
products 200CD, 524A, 8551/851, 9100A, 150A, HP 35, Light-Emitting-Diodes, LEDs, HP 721A, HP 302A, HP 343A, HP 344A; HP 2116A; trade shows IEEE in New York; sales representatives; Tektronics and oscilloscope business; annual management meeting; Hewlett, Porter, Jevons, Lee, Mahurin; “Inside HP: A Narrative History of Hewlett-Packard from 1939-1990” by John Minck
xx Products, 150A: Oscilloscope

History, Summaries, Year by Year:
HP and world news highlights, 1939-1994;

History, The test of time,
reprint of Retrospective of HP’s first 50 years, by decade, from Measure magazine, March/April 1989

History, Theses and Papers:
“HP From Instrumentation to Computers: a Study of Strategy & Structure” by Egan and Hackley, 8/84; “HP: Study of the Early Years” by Brickner, 10/84; “HP: Problems of Rapid Growth,” by Atherton & Crites (Harvard case study), 1976?; Dean Morton’s speech on the company as leader for electronics industry with historical examples, 12/88;

History, Timelines:
Technology & Sociological Timeline, 12/6/00;
(m)Home Products Division HPD, March 1995

Hong Kong:
1997 drawer statement, HP will stay in Hong Kong; history of Schmidt companies (HP distributor?); Guenther Buchholz visit, 1978; Facts Sheet, 2/03;
See Also Asia Pacific

HP-Agilent Strategic Alliances:
between HP and Agilent

HP Associates:
solid state displays, optoelectronics, light emitting diodes (LEDs); 9/14/61 news release announces HP’s formation of new affiliate to engage in solid state research; “HP Solid State Device Background: First Decade” (incl. Comments by Barney Oliver);
See Also Componentas Group
See Also HP Labs
See Also Products, Light-Emitting Diodes
     See Also Semiconductor Products Group

HP Associates, Reports, 1961-1964:
year-end and mid-year reports;

HP-Compaq Merger:
articles, shareholders’ opposition; clippings; Walter Hewlett press release;

HP-Compaq Merger, Proxy/Prospectus:
dated February 4, 2002;

HP Genechem:
[joint venture] July 1983 jv between HP (Analytical Products Group) and Genentech; first product (2/85) is TiterCalc, bioassay software mounted on HP Integral personal computer;

“HP in Brief”:
19, 1985, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, [2/91] 1992, [3/93], 1994, 1995, 1996-1999; Welcome to HP, [n.d.];

HP in California Council:
a Government Affairs program, 1988;
(m)HP in Networking, AdvanceNet

HP in Perspective:
[presentations] 1976, 1984, 1987;

“HP in Perspective”:
[publication] #1-#5 (1966-1977);

“HP in the Media”:
annotated press coverage bibliography 1983;HP Journal: 10th anniversary 1959; reader opinion survey report, 1982; 1991 Barney Oliver letter in support of;

HP Labs, Anniversaries:
Inforum article from December 1996 “Celebrating 30 Years of Labs”; LAB Notes, 50th anniversary Edition;

HP Labs, Board Review, 1989:
first Scientific Review Board meeting, April 11-13, 1989 (transcript of audio tape); Labs history, purpose, structure, planning, Frank Carrubba;

HP Labs, Miscellaneous:
Forbes article “What have you invented for me lately?” from July 28, 1997; Inventor Recognition Luncheon brochure from 1991; “Turning R&D into Real Products” Fortune July 2, 1990
See Also Affirmative Action, HP Labs Gender Study

HP Labs, Organization, 1966-1997:
reports concerning restructuring, organizational charts, circa 1960s-1980s;

HP Labs, Organization, 2001-:
CNET article “HP Labs split in reorganization”, 10/16/01;

HP Labs, Proposal, 1965:
including 3/31/65 John Atalla proposal for HP Labs; news release announcing creation of HP Labs, 3/3/66; status report from Barney Oliver, 1968;

HP Labs, Publications:
annual reports; Guide to Training Programs, 1985

HP Labs, Review?, 1982:

HP Labs, Review, 1989:
June, 19, 1989 John Young and Frank Carrubba, John Young compares HP labs with Bell Labs

HP Labs, Review, 1991:
review led by Barney Oliver

HP Manufacturing Systems:
Materials Management, Production Management, 3000, 1981; “Just in Time Sales Training Manual” 1984
xx Just in Time [JIT]

HP Way:
See Also “Human Resources at Hewlett-Packard”;
See Also Managing Managers
     See Also Oral Histories (Ray Wilbur)

HP Way, 1960s:
includes “Management by Walking Around” article from American Machinist, Feb. 24, 1969; Measure article from 60s re: 25th anniversary; “HP in Perspective” brochure

HP Way, 1970s:
includes Peninsulan article about Dave Packard’s return; Spectrum February 1977 article “Whatever Happened to Participative Management?”; “HP Way” Brochure from 1970s; HP Way Report from 1977; 1971 Measure article “The Early Years”

HP Way, 1980s:
includes “A Comparative Analysis of Successful Organizations” July 1, 1981; 1981 Measure article “Why do People Do Things the Way they Do?”; Characteristics of the HP Way from 1984; 1986 Times Tribune article “Where It’s More Than Just a Job”; “50 Years of the HP Way,” San Jose Mercury News; Introduction to Management Brochure 1981; 1/30/87 Times-Tribune article interviewing Hewlett on the occasion of his retirement about The HP Way; booklet: “The HP Way”, 1989; booklet: “Communicating the HP Way – A guide for HP managers, trainers and other communicators”, version 01.00.00, 1989;

HP Way, 1990s:
1990 Forbes article “Good-bye to the HP Way”; The “HP Way, A Work in Progress,” brochure circa 1990s; Best Wishes on Your Marriage card; Stanford magazine, July-August 1998, article “Founding Fathers,” which gives a nice overview of Bill and Dave’s contributions to Silicon Valley; The HP Way: Enduring Values through Changing Times, 1997;

HP Way, Craven Testimony:
William F. Craven, Director of Personnel, testimony before U.S. Senate,9/19/84;

HP Way, Hackborn Model:
Dick’s 1983 presentation on HP Strategic Environment;

HP Way, Harvard Case Study:
endorsed by Dave Packard, 1982;
See Also “Human Resources at Hewlett-Packard”

HP Way, Japan:
booklet in Japanese; article in Economic Daily, March 1993;

HP Way, Miscellaneous:
includes Measure articles, Bill Hewlett letter from 1975; MBWA – management by wandering around; Lewis comments on Malone book proposal draft;
See Also Citizenship

HP Way, Nilsson Presentation:
1984 slides, “HP Culture & Its Relationship to Productivity”;

HP Way, Packard:
1981 interview about the HP Way, management style, religion, labor union organizing attempts in 1943, personnel management, MBO, influence of General Radio, contribution of Lu Packard; interview for Measure December 1979 about friendship and pre-1939 projects;

HP Way, Platt:
transcript of Proctor & Gamble videotape, 1998; Measure letter, 1993, adapted from presentation at January 1993 General Managers meeting;

HP Way Project, 1981:
Resource Manual compiled by George Kan in 1981 for training new managers on the HP Way — history, corporate culture, casual Friday dress, women, discrimination, MBO, Packard quits smoking, Moseley, Boeblingen, firsts, Neely, early products, incentive program, profit sharing, MBWA;

HP Way Project, 1987-88:
corporate training and development;

HP Way, Reminiscences:
George Climo, Dick Hackborn 1979; Don Hammond 1983; Bill Hewlett, “The Human Side of Management” 1982; Dave Packard from book 1994; Noel Porter 1965, Stan Selby 1982; John Young 1980, 1989;

HP Way, Singapore:
includes Dick Anderson, “Management by Wandering Around and the Open Door Policy,” (MBWA) Corvallis Div., November 1980;

HP Way, Trivial Pursuit Questions:
     See Latin America
(m)Human Factors, ergonomics; VDT in the office by Wanda Smith, 1985; Public Health and video display terminals, n.d.; Standard Keyboard Layout, July 20, 1982; International Human Factors Requirements, 1982; Human Factors Tactical Plan, 1985

Human Factors
See Ergonomics

Human Resources:
Employee Assistance Program: personal and family Counseling; includes brochure circa 2000 “Living Healthy, Working Well”;

Human Resources:
Employee Stock Purchase Plan
     See Stock (Agilent), Employee Purchase Plan
See Stock (HP), Employee Purchase Plan

Human Resources:
reduction measures.  See Personnel, Expense reduction measures

Human Resources, Training:
Communication, Commitment, Results (CCR) 2004; Global Learning and Leadership Development at Agilent, 2006
See Also Personnel before 1998

“Human Resources at Hewlett-Packard”:
Harvard Business School, case study, 1982, by Von Werssowetz & Beer; cover letter from Dave Packard to Dave Kirby states “This is a good summary of the HP Way”: Rogers & Beer 1995 update of 1982 study;
xx “Personnel Acquisition and Development”

Robert Asen reminiscence of sales meetings in 1950s-1960s; lunch the HP way (cafeteria menu), 1991; photo of analy spectrumyzer billboard; Dittojet
See Also Management Conference, Humor

Hupe & Busch:
[acquisition] German liquid chromatography company acquired 1973
(m)IBM, agreement, 1991; alliance; 1992

Hurricane Katrina:
Agilent Foundation 2005;