G – File Subject Guide

Gefran Silicon Micro Systems, s.r.l.:
[acquisition] fiber optic technology lab acquired March 2001, from Italy-based GefranSpA;

     See HP Genechem
General Managers Meetings
     See Management Meeting

General Radio Company:
David Packard’s article on GenRad founder Melville Eastham including the idea of employee profit sharing principle (Common Ground, July 1983); licensing of GenRad 1937 oscillator patent;

The evolution of Agilent Genomics, timeline 1994- 2008

Geographic Operations:
GO reorganizes into Europe/Middle East/Africa, Latin America and Asia Pacific; Fast Facts 1996 profiles for all non-U.S. countries; “Hewlett-Packard Global Presence” a 1996 talk by Alan Bickell;

See Also Intercontinental Operations (Intercon)

(m)Germany, GmbH, brief history of HP in European community after the 1957 Treaty of Rome; letter from attorney Theodore Carlstrom to Dr. Hans-Joachim Kiderlin, German Consul in San Francisco.

xenophobia in Germany, 1992; 1962 Measure article, Boeblingen site from humble beginnings (frying pan story) to construction of second building;

See Also Europe
See Also International Business
See Also 3COLL28 (Nate Finch collection)

Germany, German Language Publications:

Ghostrider Robot Project, 2004
     Project Description; Scientist Bios; Agilent Press Release;

Global Corporations Series:
National Public Radio, 1990:
See Also Competitiveness

Global Market Pricing:
replaces HP’s historical pricing, based on factory base price plus mark-ups in each country, 1992;

Government Affairs, Issues, 1990 & 1991:
focus is on competitiveness issues related to regulation and public policy;

Government Affairs, Issues, 1993 & 1994:
Public Policy Issue Briefs;
(m)Government Affairs, K-12 education program; see Education
(m)Grenoble France, 1970s-1980s
(m)GTE alliance, 1992
(m)Guadalajara Mexico Computers Operation, 1982-88
(m)Guidelines for Handling, Confidential Information for CSO Employees, 1995; security, trade secrets