E – Subject File Guide

“E” Award: 1943, 1962
Earth Day

See  Environment, Earth Day

Earthquake, Oct. 17, 1989:

East Central Europe:
1989, formerly Communist countries

Eastern Service Center (Rockaway):
(m)Eastman Kodak Company, strategic alliance, 1995

[acquisition] eCamera unit of PhotoAccess.com Corp. acquired Aug. 16, 2000;

Education, Agilent Support of: Andrew Hill School Biotechnology Academy; ISEF (Intel International Science & Engineering Fair), 2001;

See Also Philanthropy Programs

Education, HP Support of: university and industry cooperation; “Changing America’s Future Today:  A new Perspective for K-12 Education,” 1992; program to support K-12 education, 1992; UCCS (University of Colorado, C-Springs) Engineering School;

See Also K-12 Education Symposium

[acquisition] computer-aided engineering (CAE) software developer acquired 8/93;

[architectural firm]designed Shockley’s original semiconductor building; Ehrlich worked with Birge Clark on the Redwood Building;

Election, 1992:

Election, 1992, Electronic Mail:
company email forum discussion of the elections;

“Electrical Energy, Why Reliability is Essential and How to Attain It”:
HP position paper prepared jointly for the     Executive Committee by Public Relations and Government Relations with Barney Oliver, 1979, in support of Diablo Canyon Nuclear Power Plant; nuclear power;

(m)Electronic Commerce, E-commerce; see also E-services

Electronic Mail:
HPDesk, e-mail, unix notes introduction, 1987; Electronic Messaging Usage Guidelines, 1996; use of Notes; “HP: Business Telematics in Action,” 1986;

See Also      Internet
     See Also Telecommunications at HP

Electronic Products and Solutions Group (EPSG):
EPSG Restructuring/Downsizing Announcement slide presentation, 8/20/01; Downsizing and Restructuring Questions and Answers, 8/20/01; Downsizing and Restructuring Answers to Employee Questions, 8/31/01;

Electronic Newsletters:
a sample of HP newsletters, Spring 1992
(m)Electronic Services: E-services, 1999-

Electronics Industry, History:
“A Century of Electricals, a Brief History of the Electrical Engineers, 1884-1984,” published by HP; brief summary from AeA; “Instrument Makers,”

Electronics Industry, Western:
“The Origins of the Electronics Industry on the Pacific Coast” by Arthur L. Norberg from Proceedings of the IEEE v.64#9 (September 1976);

See Also West Coast Electronic Manufacturers Association

Electronics Measurement Group [EMG]:
List of Innovations, 2006; Announcement of OSSG merging into EMG, 5/2006;

Electronics Leaders:
Electronic News profile of HP, 1972;

See Also “Instrument Makers”

Electronics Manufacturing Test:
2002 cartoon calendar

Emerging Business Program:
Investor’s Business Daily’s interview with Ken Coughran about the advice/help EBP offers startups;

Employee Badges:
Packard investigating 1942; Hewlett story about not having a green badge, circa 1957;

“Employee Communications Within HP, a Study”:
by Gordon Cubbison, 1961, topics include: organized informality, communications skills, employee survey, employee benefits communication, grapevine, employee publications, information hoarding, apathy, hp trademark symbol, appraisal interviews;

Employee Discount:
Employee Purchase Program; Peninsulan article, “HP-01 40 Percent Off to Employees,” July 1977; discounts on HP products for employees;

Employee Lists:
1953, 1955, 1956; also Dymec Employee List, 1959

Employee Orientation (Agilent):
new employee packet; memo indicates orientation session cancelled, online solution being developed;

Employee Questions & Suggestions:
beAgilent Pulse Polls, 2000-2001

Employee Stock Option Plans:
FY92, FY93
See Also Stock (HP), Employee Purchase Plan

Employee Stock Purchase Plans:
11/1/2000 prospectus;

See Also Stock (Agilent), Employee Purchase Plan

Employee Survey, 1992:
presentation summary touches on HP Way, organization, benefits, schedules;

Employee Survey, 2001:
quarterly online survey;

See Also Open Line
Employment Statistics
     See History, Employment

Engineering Productivity Task Force:
1982 ideas;

(m)Enterprise Computing Solutions Organization; ECSO, formed Oct. 19, 1998 combines Software Services Group, SSG, and Enterprise Systems Group, ESG and the new Enterprise Systems and Software Group, ESSG

Entrepreneurship at HP:
Don Hammond HP Labs, Hewlett and Packard, grit wheel (sweetheart technology);

See Also Creativity

Environment, 1970s:
Bruce Wholly letters and memos; carpooling, 1978; water conservation, 1978;

See Also Government Affairs

Environment, 1980s:
including Hazardous Waste Minimization, 1989; Prop 65, Feb. 19, 1988; HP’s Responsibility to the community [n.d.];

Environment, 1990s:
news release announces 62%cut in CFC usage; HP in consortium buying pre-1972 cars;

Environment, Buried Tanks:
underground storage, 1979-1982;

Environment, Earth Day:
1970; 1990s; 2003

Environment, Energy Efficiency:
includes flyer “have you got money to burn?”

Environment, Groundwater Contamination:
investigation near Hillview & Porter Drive in Palo Alto, 1988;

Environment, Public Relations:
HP factsheets (circa 1994) on hazardous waste reduction, CFC reduction, packaging, recycling, product stewardship; “Hazardous Waste Minimization,” HP 1989; “Commitment to the Environment” reports 1994 & 1995;

(m)Environment, recycling 1971-

Environment and Social Responsibility Report:
2000 report using international standard Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), (copyright 2001); 2002 Summary Report (copyright 2003;2007 Report

Environmental Health and Safety:
EH&S 1990 policy; news release “HP Shares Preliminary Findings of IBM Study on Clean-room Health Risks,” October 1992; press release: A.T. Completes ISO 14001 Certification for environmental, health and safety management system (EHSMS), 1/29/03; BeAgilent: 14001 certification marks environment milestone, 2/04/03;

Environmental Lab:
holiday carol to the tune of “The 12 Days of  Christmas,” Recreation, 1964;
(m)EON, HP purchases LAN, 1989

“Equal Opportunity at Hewlett-Packard”:
by William Hewlett, 1976

memo from Dean Morton, HP Ergonomics Risk Management, 1992; tipsheets; policy 1992; Product Design with People in Mind, 1984, mentions detached keyboards, human factors;     x Human Factors
(m)Ericsson [joint venture] for telecom network-management systems, Dec. 10, 1992

Europe, 1957-1999:
Hewlett-Packard European Operation Study, 1958; HP in Europe, 1982-1992; Geneva Site News from September 1994 includes a retrospective of 35 years of HP in Europe; HP in Europe statistics 1992 and historical highlights; letter from Hans-Joachim Kinderlen, Consulate of Germany on behalf of Bill Hewlett; various Measure articles;

See Also International Business;
See Also Intercontinental Operations

Europe, East Central:
Albania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Ukraine; employees in Geneva create Foundation for Romanian orphans, 1991;

See Also Communist Countries

European Tour:
Board of Directors’ Tour of European Facilities 1977, 1982

Europhysics Prize:
HP Europhysics Prize awarded by European Physical Society (EPS); list of winners, 1975-1994; first press, 9/74, from Josette Boulmier; various PRs announcing winners, Len Cutler as HP rep on committee;

Everest Project:
2000-2002 ERP project to streamline computer processes and improve customer service; FAQs; Everest Peaks newsletter announcing Oracle training, July 2001; beAgilent News article “SPG Operations Show What Project Everest Can Do”, 11/27/01; Everest Implementation Phases, 4/01/02;

Excella Initiative
     See beAgilent Transformation

Executive Committee Meetings, 1987 & 1989: 

Executive Compensation:
article on decline of electronics executive pay, 1986; 1975 list of top compensated executives; pay to Young & Morton for unused sick leave and FTO;

Executive Council Meetings, 1961:
10/61 Packard – corporate objectives, growth, product production and contribution

Executive Council Meetings, 1966:

Executive Council Meetings, 1967:

Executive Council Meetings, 1968:

Executive Council Meetings, 1969:

Executive Council Meetings, 1970:
includes solid state laboratory proposal for ion implantation and scanning electron microscopy and microprobe, silicon uses of semiconductor; security measures

Executive Council Meetings, 1971:

Executive Council Meetings, 1972:
includes discussion on standards; alcohol and drug policy; Hewlett letter on equal employment opportunity policy, affirmative action; political activity policy, pollution policy, HEART system, Doolittle report on Singapore and Malaysia operations, product safety program

Executive Council Meetings, 1973:
HP USSR accreditation announced

Executive Programs, 1987:
folder with descriptions of seminars, training for managers;

Executive Seminar, 1987:
spiral bound book contains presentations on: information management standards, data elements, business codes, communications networks, engineering productivity at HP (Parzybok), Integrated Business Systems (Chance), Information Networks (Roelandts), Manufacturing Productivity (Platt), Quality – The Competitive Advantage (Morton); includes speech “Information—Powerful Productivity Tool,” by John Young;

Executive Seminar, 1988:
similar to above, seminar attendees were from outside HP;

(m)Exeter, New Hampshire, Apollo, workstations
Expo ’88
     See World Expo ’88

Export Issues:
restrictions on computer exports;
See Also Government Affairs; Russia; Weapons
See Also 3COLL5 (Thomas Christiansen Collection)
F.L. Moseley Co.
See Moseley Co., F.L.