D – Subject File Guide

Datamec Corp.(Mountain View):

press release 1965

Day One,Day 1, Celebration:
contains detailed Q&A, highlights and extensive Guide for Employees, also includes printouts of pictures of Day One celebrations around the world

Day One, Planning:
includes Latin America Region Day One Celebration report; Measure articles; Powerpoint slide presentation re:plans for Day One; Meeting Guide for Managers;

(m)Dazel: [acquisition]May 5, 1999


     See  Little Falls (Delaware) Site

Delcon Corp. (Palo Alto):
[acquisition] ultrasonic detection & test company acquired 1/65, becoming Delcon Division; press releases 1964-65; in 1981, Division was moved and renamed Colorado Telecommunications Division;

Deming Prize
     See Yokogawa-HP, Deming Prize

(m)Design Systems Group, 1984 Computer-Aided Engineering,  Computer-Aided Design, CAE, CAD
(m)Desktop Computer Division, Press Release 1978

Digital Connections 2000:
[conference] includes internal article re: Agilent’s contribution to the conference, which includes reconfirmation of Agilent’s commitment to diversity, Jesse Jackson’s praise of companies such as Agilent

See Also Diversity
Digital Equipment Corporation
     See Computer History, HP (1977 McDough thesis)

Disabled Persons:
joint project between HP and local colleges, 1986;
(m)Disc Memory Division, DMD, study package; Disc (disk) Technology, magnetic recording (MR) history; Site Tour Guide;

“Discipline of Teams”:
Harvard Business Review, March-April 1993; mentions HP Medical Products Group(m)Disk manufacturing

Disney Studios, 200B Oscillators:

Disney Studios, Stancil, William:
correspondence with William Stancil and Measure about use of the 200B audio oscillator in Fantasia; Stancil is “missing link” and salesperson to Disney;

Diversity and Inclusion:
from Infospark, Nov. 26, 2002, Alma Vigo-Morales named as Director of Diversity and Inclusion; BeAgilent feature: Pearls of Wisdom: Historical Parallels on Diversity, 12/27/01; Pearls of Wisdom: The Panelists and Their Organizations, 12/27/01;

Draper Award:

Dreams Made Real Tours:
ESPG’s Dreamliner Truck used for sales and demo tours;

Duck Club:

[fka Dynac, renamed June 1958] 7/6/59 press release announces approval for merger with HP, becomes Dymec Division;
See Also Palo Alto Division

Articles from Watts Current? – January 1956, February 1956, May 1956, February 1957, April 1957, June 1958; Dynac News, Vol 1, No 1;

“Dynac, Inc.–A Case Study in Small Business”:
MBA thesis by Robert A. Cornell; founded 1956, a “systems” business, located in the Redwood Building, considered an HP affiliate (HP owned 100% of voting stock, other stock owned by employees of HP);