C – Subject File Guide

Calendar, 1989:
50th anniversary souvenir calendar, contains company history in timeline format;

Caliper Technologies Inc.:
[joint venture] established May 1998, to develop lab-on-a-chip integrated circuit; IC, chip systems for chemical and medical laboratory analysis

Call to Action and SMS Update:
Agilent Worldwide Sales, Marketing and Customer Support, Executive Engagement Plan, 5/22/01

Callida Genomics Inc.:
licensing agreement news release, 5/20/02;

Canada, 1961-99:
fact sheet, 11/95; Top 40 Under 40 award for CEO Paul Tsaparis, 4/7/99; 25th Anniversary newspaper, Panacom; 11/1/61 letter to customers from Noel Eldred announcing new subsidiary, HP (Canada) Ltd; 1983 Measure article includes maps showing HP sights in Canada;

Canada, 1999-  :
Agilent Canada home page and “Country Facts Sheet” circa April 2002;

Case Studies, 1950’s & 1960’s:
HP used by students for term papers, 1950, 1960;

Case Studies, 1970’s:
case study by Roger Atherton and Dennis Crites “Hewlett-Packard” University of Oklahoma, 1975-1980

Case Studies, 1980’s & 1990’s:
“Hewlett-Packard: Wisdom on Running and Growing a Company,” Harvard Business School 1997, case study [written almost entirely from The HP Way]; “Hewlett-Packard’s Santa Rosa Systems Division,” Harvard Business School 1997, Test and Measurement Organization

See Also “Hewlett-Packard: A 1975- 1978 Review”; “Computer Strategy,” Harvard Business school case study, 1980; “Human Resources at HP,” Harvard Business School Case Study, 1982, 1995; “International Business – Case Study”; International Expansion; Graduate School of Business Stanford University. “Building the Culture at Agilent Technologies: Back to the Future”;

Case Studies, 1999-  :
“Building the Culture at Agilent Technologies: Back to the Future,” Sanford, 9/2001;

memo stating that annual catalogs created in-house after 1966; news release from 4/12/00, Agilent’s T&M Catalog 2000 is the most widely circulated book in the test & measure industry;

See Also the catalog shelf

Cerjac Inc.:
[acquisition] telecommunications test company acquired in 1993;

Measure articles (1968, 1969 1986, 1991, 1993): “Coping with Change at HP” speech by Bob Waterman, McKinsey & Co., 1984; WRH comments on intellectual revolution when he accepted Harvard award, 1970; “Perils of Success” article about resistence to change at IBM, Montgomery Ward;TMO Change Manager’s Guide, 1993; Change…away of life (TMO) folding card 1994 with Packard quote; People/Culture Taskforce White Paperon Change, 1993

Chartered Silicon Partners:
4/3/97 news release announcing this joint venture between HP and Singapore Economic Development Board, to provide foundry services;

Chemical Analysis Group [CAG]:
became Life Sciences Chemical Analysis, 2001; profile of general manager Rick Kniss, dated  May 7, 2001; also very interesting Fortune article from Oct.  11, 1999 “Good-bye Test Tubes, Hello Lab-on-a-Chip,” Fortune 10/11/99; historical timeline, 1961-2000; includes presentation by Rick Kniss; Affymetrix Ruling on Southern Patents, dated April 7, 2000; Japanese Bio Science Market Embraces CAG’s Technology [2100 Bio Analyzer], 4/26/01;

See Also Products, Analytical; Products, Chemical Analysis Systems; Avondale Division;

Chemical Analysis Group [CAG]: Business Strategy White Paper, 9/12/01
also, Strategy Map and Organization Structure chart

Chemistry Lab:
Watts Current (August 1960) overview of growth under Charlie Reis;


See Also Latin America

China, 1970-1999:
“Hewlett-Packard Entering PRC” by Chining Liu, circa, 1990; Excerpt from Chining Liu oral history describing the 1979 China trip and events leading up to it;  Packard/Don Hammond summary of conversation about Packard trips to China, 1977, 1978; Packard recommendations to assist in the modernization of industry in the People’s Republic of China; “Building Together Our Electronic World,” June 1998; also includes photo of CHP board of directors taken June 18, 1998, with all but two of the attendees identified

See Also Tom Christiansen Collection 3COLL5, series 5

China, 1999-  :
Agilent Technologies Shanghai Co. Ltd. Opens at Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone, 3/02; A.T. Opens New Operation in Beijing to Serve China’s Communication Industry, 12/11/02; “Agilent in China” brochure, includes historical timeline 1995-2002; Agilent Technologies Shanghai presentation, 2003,fact sheet, 2003;Greater China Top-Level Messages created by Media Relations, 2004

China, Beijing Headquarters

     Opening Celebration Book, 2007;

China, Healthcare Markets:
Bern Shen M.D., HP Labs 1996 report on healthcare issues in China;

China, Most Favored Nation Status:
drawer statement, n.d.; 4/26/94 PR from California’s Business Coalition for U.S.-China Trade; letter from Platt to President Clinton;

China, Tiananmen Square Incident:
6/6/89 email from employee in Beijing; newsgrams advisories, May-June 1989; articles

China Integrated Design Center (CIDC):
A.T. Collaborates with China Integrated Design Center to Establish China’s First SOC Engineering Testing Center, 1/15/03

China Hewlett-Packard, Briefing:
restricted e-mail from Tom Pierson, 9/20/85;

China Hewlett-Packard, Legal Documents:
Memorandum of Understanding between Zhou Jia Hua and David Packard, March 14, 1980 in Palo Alto; “Following the visit of Mr. David Packard, Chairman of the Board of the Hewlett-Packard Company, to the People’s Republic of China” in August 1979, a delegation led by Mr.Zhou Jia Hua, vice president of the Xinshidai Company, visited Hewlett-Packard in March 1980, (from Tom Christiansen Collection); Memorandum of Understanding for the Joint Venture Between HP and CEIC (China Export Import Company), signed by David Packard and Jiang Zemin, Chinese and English,1983, ORIGINAL

Christmas Gifts Policy:
indicated by Packard, Nov. 30, 1955

Christmas Parties:
1955 policy; Christmas time off history

Christmas Snowman Project:
recreation, circa 1942

Circuit Technology:
breakthroughs, 1962-1986;

Cisco Systems Inc.:
alliance announced, January 1997, to jointly develop networked computing solutions; strategic marketing agreement, 9/7/94;

community service; voting at elections; “HP Way: Corporate Clout or Good Citizenship,” PA Weekly 2/10/82; “The Participators,”Measure, March 1966; special “Action in the Community” issue of Measure, December 1978; “The Corporation & Society,” Watt’s Current, 1970, article stating HP philosophy of corporate citizenship including concern for customers, environment and employees (equal opportunity);

See Also Business Ethics; Foothills Park; Social Policy, Responsibility; Volunteerism;

Mechanical Design Division converted into a subsidiary of HP Holding GmbH, 9/26/96 news release;

Coffee Talks, 2000:

Collegiate Network Program:
1985 sales brochure describes educational discounts on computers;

distribution questionnaire from Instrumentacion

Colorado, Annual Report:

Colorado, Government Affairs:
mainly environmental concerns, 1979

Colorado, Hayman Fire:
2002, employee donations

Colorado, History (HP):
“30 Years of Commitment to Colorado, 1989; economic impact document, 1983; “HP—Then & Now in California–in Colorado,” Colorado Development Digest, 1965;

Colorado Memory Systems:
[acquisition] acquired CSM, September 1992

Colorado Springs Division, Brochures:

Colorado Springs Division, Clippings, 1963-1964:

Colorado Springs Division, Clippings, 1980’s:

Colorado Springs Division, History:
“History of HP in Colorado Springs,” 1959-83; CSD and LSD reunification, 1991;

Colorado Springs Division, Plant Dedication:

Colorado Springs Division, Public Relations, 1961-64:
Colorado Springs Gazette article re: Sertoma Award  presentation to Dave Packard; creation of oscilloscope division in Palo Alto, 2/61; plan for building new manufacturing plant (for oscilloscopes) in C Springs announced, 11/61;

[tradeshow] includes history/timeline of tradeshow

“Communication Policies and Practices at Hewlett-Packard”:
report submitted to . . .Harvard University by James C. Morrison,Jr., 1988(includes public relations, employee relations);

Communications Industry
See Telecommunications Industry

Communications Department:
“Corporate Public Relations” – mission, values, objectives; “Corporate Communications Key Objectives for FY96”; “Corporate Public Relations Linkages,” Katie Nutter; Bojana Fazarinc becomes director of combined marketing & communications department, Sept.1998;

See Also Public Relations

Communist Countries:
timeline showing HP in the USSR, Czechoslovakia, Hangary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Poland;

See Also  Soviet Union, individual countries;
See Europe, East Central; Russia  [after 1989]

Community Affairs:
“Community Relations for a New HP Site” draft, 1981;

Community Forum (Agilent Labs):
schedule for Tech or Treat tour, 10/31/01;
Community Service:
     See  Citizenship
(m)Commuting, worldwide; How We Get to Work; Measure March, 1964

remarks by John Young, 1984; “Global Competition: the New Reality,” President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness, 1985; news release about 1991 report from the Council on Competitiveness; news release about “Critical Technologies Update 1994”;

x President’s Commission on Industrial Competitiveness

“Component Business Opportunities for Hewlett-Packard”:
a  proposal by M.M. Atalla, 1968;

Components Group: 11/18/74 Components Group restructures; data on performance/demand for semiconductors, diodes, optoelectronics, photoconductors, etc.; Components Group Highlights, 1961-1998;

See Also HP Associates, LEDs
See Also Semiconductor Products Group

Components Group, Anniversary (25th):
25th Anniversary 1987;

See Also  HP Associates [HPA]

Components Group, Organization Charts, 1970s:
(1 of 2)

Components Group, Organization Charts, 1970s:
(2 of 2)

Computer Access Technology Corporation:
strategic alliance, 2000, to develop an advanced protocol anlayzer;

Computer-Assisted Instruction [CAI]:
1984 article on online training
(m)Computer Associates International Inc., CA alliance, 1991
(m)Computer History: United Sates of America vs. International Business Machines Corporation Pretrial Brief for IBM, 1975, anti-trust case contains information about computer industry circa 1975, mentions HP;

     See Also “Analytical Engine” central files ???

Computer History, General:
articles, including “The failure of IBM” from March, 1993 Upside; history of computing from Britannica; “Microprocessor: First 25 Years,” Upside (October, 1993); Y2K article;

Computer History, HP:
“How HP Entered the Computer Business,” Colman A. Mc Donough, 1977; Stanford University Graduate School of Business case study, 1973, describing the early years of HP’s mini-computer business; Computer Systems Group “Then and Now,” history of CSG from Dynac to Palo Alto Division to Boise Operation to Cupertino Division to Data Systems Division; Measure articles; notes from Bill Terry on the Omega and Alpha projects, circa 1970; “Capsule History of Hewlett-Packard Computer Business”; 1983 memo and excerpts from NY Times article featuring candid interview with Paul Ely; article from Business Week, dated July 17, 1978 discussing HP’s mini-computers

See Also (m)Personal Computer Division
See Also (m)Desktop Computer Division

(m)Computer History, HP: HP’s Early Computers; Part One:  Interview with Barney Oliver, HP 9100A Tom Osborn, HP 2116,  HP Labs, DSI, Dymec, Omega, 2100; Part Two: The Education of  a Computer Maker, An Interview with Joe Schoendorf in “The  Analytical Engine, August, 1995 (2116A, 2114, 2115, 2100,  3000, Omega, Frankenberg story about memory in the 1970s,  entry into OEM business, Data Systems Division, Tom Perkins,  Dymec. 2000 time-share system; Part Three: the HP3000 by  Chris Edler, Alpha, Omega Packard’s “wow, ouch!” memo.   Mainframe elimination program, May 1996, open systems,  client server computing.

Computer History, HP, Case Study:
“Challenging the Entrepreneurial Culture”; Harvard Business School case  study about the restructuring of the computer organization, 1984

Computer History, HP, Case Study:
“Hewlett-Packard: From Instrumentation to      Computers A Study of Strategy and Structure” 1984, Phyliss Egan and Kathryn Hackley; San Francisco State University research project in partial fulfillment for the degree of     Master of Business Administration

(m)Computer Organization, 1981 – present (See Also organization charts)
(m)Computer Products Organization [CPO]

Computer Research Center:
reorganization memo 1984
(m)Computer Strategy, Distributed Computing Business Requirements and Current Product Status, 1987; Distributed Computing Task Force – Systems Business Management Council
(m)Computer Strategy, Regis McKenna project, 1988, 1993

Computer Systems Organization:
strategy, Dec. 4, 1990, Lew Platt talk; new group announcement, Jan. 18, 1991

Computer Systems Policy Project [CSPP]:
NIIT; model CRADA U.S.  computer industry and the Department of Energy’s (DOE)  national laboratories, May 1992;

See Also (m)Sandia; 3COLL25.FC (Frank Carrubba); 3COLL17.JAY (John Young)

“Computers: Status and Future Direction”:
speech for Bill Hewlett by Bert Raphael with notes by John Taylor, April, 1987

Computerworld Honors 21st Century Achievement Award:
6/4/2002, Agilent IT (Marty Chuck, CIO) wins Computerworld award for visionary use of information technology, “One I.T.”; “The Agilent Archive,” Agilent’s awards for The Flying Hospital, Harvard Medical School Project on Human Simulation, Chicago Airport System HeartSave Program and the City of Hope National Medical Center Agilent 2100 Bioanalyzer Replaces Gel Electrophoresis for Cancer Screening;

See Also Awards & Achievements

Computing Center (Bay Area), 1968-88:
1988 historical overview Corporate System’s computing center, as seen by its newsletter
(m)Contributing to International Standards Development: brochure 1992

“Converting Innovative Technologies to Products”:
by Don L. Hammond, June 1988; Creativity, R&D, computer history; HP History ultrasound, laser interferometer, components, encouraging entrepreneurism at HP;

Convex Computer Corp.:
[acquisition] alliance, 1992; acquisition, 1995

Cooperative Computing Environment [CCE]:
concept description; glossary; presentation “Computing in the 90’s”; Bridging Islands of Information: Intro to HP’s Distributed Object Computing Environment,” July 1992;

Corning Cable Systems:
agreement, Aug. 3, 2001

Corporate Brochure:
Agilent Corporate Brochure, 2006;

Corporate Communications:
Major Messages, 1995, Corporate planning and reference tool to be used as an aid to communication of any kind.  Updated annually

Corporate Culture:
meeting at HP Nov. 12, 1996 Rick Belluzzo, Jerry Porros on visionary company project, Stanford Business School; Lew Platt on culture-based organizations and The HP Way, coffee breaks – history; memo from Wednesday, Nov. 8, 2000 discussing CNET Radio coffee break win; See Also HP Way, Young President’s Organization: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.  Building the Culture at Agilent Technologies: Back to the Future (see Case Studies); Friday dress

Corporate Development:
Integration Services presentation on benchmarking, 12/2000; business creation strategy, 2000

See Also Acquisitions & Joint Ventures

“Corporate Identity Application Manual”:
use of logos, trademarks, 1979;

Corporate Image Study, 1974:

Corporate Marketing Policy:
Commissions, Quota Credit, 1964-1978; Pricing and Discounts, 1964-1978; International Orders, 1964-1978; Trade Pricing, 1979, 1983; Quotations, 1964-1970; Advance Purchase Orders, 1964-1978; Demonstration Instruments, 1963-1976; Rated Orders, 1963-1976; Logistics Support Data, Government Sales, 1964-1978; Special Instruments, 1964-1979; Restocking, 1963-1974; Repairs, 1964-1974; Parts Sales, 1964-1978; Warranty, 1965-1976

Corporate Objectives:
HP Corporate Objective History, 1957-89 (table); “Objectives of the HP Company” by DP, 1957; Eldon anecdote about DP in 1957

Corporate Objectives, 1961:

Corporate Objectives, 1966:

Corporate Objectives, 1969:
Hewlett notes

Corporate Objectives, 1974:

Corporate Objectives, 1977:

Corporate Objectives, 1979:

Corporate Objectives, 1980-1985:
1982, 1983, 1980;

Corporate Objectives, 1986-1990:
in addition to draft & final statements of corporate objectives, there are notes from 1985 Management Council retreat; 1986; 1989;

Corporate Objectives, 1996:

Corporate Objectives, 2000:

Corporate Product Training Dept.:
organization charts, 1966, 1967

Corporate Structure
     See Organization Charts

Corporate Systems Organization:

See Also Computing Center (Bay Area)

Corporate Telecommunications and Office Systems:
Strategy and Projects, 1987; Site Networking Guidelines, February 1988;

Corvallis Division:
Measure articles about: Bill Wickes and calculator R&D, the new palmtop computer; 1974 agreement in principle to purchase land near Corvallis, expect to move Advanced Products Division from Cupertino; What’s New with IED/CVS, 6/6/01

Costa Rica: 

Hewlett address at 6/12/86 MIT commencement on creativity as competitive advantage; Measure March-April, 1986; “Genius,” Wall Street Journal report May, 1993; Barney Oliver speech circa 1962; Packard Speech to the Western Electronic Manufacturers’ Association, September 1964, on managing creativity;

See Also 3SRS29 (HP Labs, Hammond, Fazarinc)

Credit Suisse First Boston Lawsuit:
2002 class-action lawsuit against CSFB;

Credit Union:
founded 1970 (Watts Current, 2/70); name changed to Addison Avenue Federal Credit Union, letter 4/22/2002;

Crystal Skull:
crystal laboratories in Santa Clara analyze skull and determines it was carved from a single hunk of crystal; Pages from book “The Crystal Skull” by Richard M. Garvin, 1973; Measure article February, 1971

Cupertino Engineering Department:
organization chart 1988;

Cupertino Site:
ownership history 1850-1951; move into new building, 4/79; construction begins, 10/77; Computer Group brochure;

Customer College:
1968 training classes and HP-TV;

Customer Complaints:

See Also 1SRS9 (Customer Communications)

Customer Executive Center (CEC):
opened March 22, 2001, Santa Clara, Calif.

Customer Financing:
memo from Adrian Dillon and Larry Holmberg, dated June 20, 2002 announcing “a number of decisions designed to aggressively fix Agilent’s customer financing”

Customer Service:
1958, 1976, 1983; 1995 DeskJet printer paper feed problem, paper pick, Officejet, workstation; creation of Customer Services Division, 1976; “Directory of Available Services,” [n.d.]; Service & Support Chronology, 1957-1980;

See Also Bench Briefs
     See Also Response Center
     See Also “Service in Depth”
     See Also Worldwide Customer Support Operations

Customer Service, Workshop:
“Satisfying Our Customers”, 1983;

Cypress Semiconductor:
2002 joint collaboration to develop optical mouse, USB design;

(m)Data Communications, Guidebook to 1977
(m)Data Products Group
(m)Data Systems Division, 1977; see also Automatic Measurement Division

Data Systems Inc.
     See Computer History, HP (“How HP Entered the Computer Business,” by McDonough, 1977)