A – Subject File Guide

June 1969 report from Task Force on Internal Accounting & Performance Measurement; memos discuss Return on Assets (ROA) and transfer pricing;
(m)Activities, Calendar for Employees, sample copy May, 29, 1964

Acquisitions, Divestitures & Joint Ventures (Agilent):
lists and transaction reports; Corporate Development’s definitions of transactions;Communications support for; Communications Plan, Healthcare Solutions Group divestiture, November 2000

See Also Corporate Development; Growing the Business, beAgilent, Dec/Jan 2001;
     See Also: Healthcare Solutions Group
     See Also Strategic Alliances

Acquisitions & Joint Ventures (HP):
various lists of acquisitions, mergers, investments and joint ventures, including Corp Development’s transaction reports; “Investments in Subsidiaries,” 10/1983; 1981 policy memo from Bob Boniface describing approval process and channels;

     See Also Strategic Alliances;
     See Also History, Divisional Structure;
     See Also individual companies; 1SRS3-News Releases;

Acronyms, Abbreviations and other Special Terms

Addison Avenue, 367, Articles:
news and magazine articles, cartoons about the garage; HP buys garage; “When the Car Was Out, the Business Was In” from Spectrum Magazine which details the early days, the Disney sale, etc; San Jose Mercury News articles from September 2004 “HP to Restore P. A. Property Where Founders Made History” and “HP Archivist Sees Garage Project as Chance of a Lifetime”; Tim Wheeler interview re garage photo, Peninsulan 1975; “Hewlett-Packard Garage Being Restored”, San Jose Mercury News, 7/1/05; “HP House Nears Completion”, San Jose Mercury News 11/8/05; Restoration Review in San Jose Mercury News 12/03/2005;

Addison Avenue, 367, Internal:
HP press releases, memos, factsheets; HP garage dedication ceremony, May 1989; garage made California State historical landmark, 1987; application for registration as California historical landmark; historical resources inventory, 1985;

Addison Avenue, 367, Landmark:
“Obtaining California Historical Landmark Status for the Garage — Birthplace of Hewlett-Packard Company and Silicon Valley,” Master of Arts thesis at California State University-Chico by Vernon Lee Andrews, 1989;

Addison Avenue, 367, Lucile Packard remarks:
Lucile Packard conference remarks include descriptions of the beginning of the company in the garage, of baking the paint on the panels in the oven, of the flat and how it was used for early company business, of Bill Hewlett’s cottage in the back yard;

See Also Individuals File, Lucile Packard for complete text of remarks

Adobe Systems Inc.:
scan-to-Web solution news release;

Advanced Micro Devices Inc.:
[strategic alliance] joint development agreement, 1993

Advanced Research and Development Division:
11/7/01 news release announcing new division;

Advertisements, 1939–1999:
first ad, November 1939; other ads 1939-1999; Wall Street Journal article, 12/9/99; “Digits” by D. Hamilton;

Advertisements, 1945–1953:
scrapbook; many from tearsheets in magazines;

Advertisements, 1999-  :

Aerospace Defense Business:

Affirmative Action, 1964–1995:
“Equal Opportunity Policies Reaffirmed” no date or author; non-discrimination policy; equal opportunity, minority activity; Multicultural Awareness Seminar, 1995; “Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action at Hewlett-Packard Company: Good Citizenship, Good Business or Government Compliance,” a paper by University of Wisconsin graduate      student and former HP employee Vernon Andrews, 1992; “25 Best Places for Blacks to Work,” Black Enterprise 2/1986; “Affirmative Action at HP,” 1983?; Measure articles from 1975, 1984, 1986, 1991; Agilent legal clarification of, 2003

See Also Measure October 1978

Affirmative Action, HP Labs Gender Study:
“Study of Gender/Cultural Factors Affecting Productivity” by HPL Affirmative Action Coordinator Nancy Sherman, 1985

AgBiotech Business Program:
launched May 15, 2003 with Magnaporthe grisea Oligo Microarray kit

Agilent Action Week:
     See Flying Hospital
     See Philanthropy Programs

Agilent AfterSchool:
various clippings & data sheets; Agilent makes the grade in Florida (Governor Bush honors AfterSchool program), 10/11/01

Agilent, Clippings and Announcements:
Update on Key Actions, 9/2005; Move to Santa Clara Announcement, 08/25/2005; Palo Alto to “Lose Top Tax Generator,” 08/25/2005; Neighbors Fear Expansion of Amonia Gas Storage, 08/31/2005;

Agilent Company Profile Slide Set:

Agilent Foundation:
Donation to Hurricane Katrina Relief, 8 2005; Annual Reports 2006, 2007

Agilent in Brief:
brochure “in Brief”, c.2000; booklets:  Agilent in Brief, c.2000; Agilent en resumen, July 2000; Agilent en bref, July 2000; Agilent In Breve; 4/28/00; Agilent in Kurze, July 2000

Agilent in the Community:
brochure 2006
“Agilent in Comms”
     See Telecommunications Industry, Agilent in Communications

Agilent in Communications
     See Telecommunications Industry, Agilent in Communications

Agilent, Job Opportunities:
booklet “The power of focus” describing Dreams made real and pointing to web site for exciting opportunities and internships at A. T., 10/99

Agilent Laboratories:
[aka “Labs”] article detailing “Ditch Day,” June 6, 2001; article about Agilent’s policy of using multidisciplinary teams to tackle lab challenges; article re: research done at Labs to improve focus of digital pictures; Org chart, 10/06/00; Year in Review, 2000, 2001, 2002; packet for new hires: Agilent Laboratories – Technology Making Dreams Real, with CD, 2000; Brochure, 2007;

See Also: Barney Oliver Prize

Agilent Laboratories China:
news releases announces plan to establish Agilent Labs China, 12/4/00, plus draft Q&A document;

Agilent Laboratories Scotland:

Agilent Results Bonus, ARB:
2003, formally Profit Sharing
“Agilent Technologies & Communications: Six Decades of Measurement Contributions”
     See Telecommunications Industry

Agilent Technologies Japan, Ltd.:
excerpt from 1/2002 10-K;
Agilent Vantage Workshop
See beAgilent Transformation

Agilent Variable Pay, AVP:
2008, formerly Agilent Results Bonus;

Agilent Ventures:
formed within Corporate Development in January 2001; first Managing Director is Maximilian Schroeck; investments in young technology companies such as ServiceCentral Technologies Inc., Lambda Crossing, Axsun Technologies, Spike Broadband Systems Inc., Tropian, etc.; Venture Unit Invests in Novera Optics’ Second Round of Funding, 3/16/01; Venture Unit Invests in MEMX’s series B Round of Funding, 2/11/03

Agilent Ventures, Clippings:
news clippings, external articles

[joint venture] 1991, to manufacture ultrasound and other medical products, with Almaz Scientific Industrial Corporation, Moscow, Soviet Union

[joint venture] 1992, to use Ada, a machine independent  programming language

Alumni of HP:
people who have worked at HP/Agilent and moved on to great success, and people who were mentored by Bill or Dave;

America’s Cup Yacht Race:
use of HP computer, 1987

American Electronics Association [AeA]:
1981 booklet “A Call for Action to Reduce the Engineering Shortage”; “Riding the High-Tech Boom: The American Electronics Association Story” by Chuck Elkind, manuscript, 1991; “AEA Faculty Development Program: Hewlett-Packard’s Commmitment”

See Also Awards, firsts, bests

American Holographic Inc.:
[acquisition] news release, April 26, 2000;

American Institute of Physics (AIP)
     Agilent Library – AIP Newsletter, Fall 2006; Agilent History Center and Archives – AIP Newsletter, Spring 2007;

Andover Division (Massachusetts):
See Also Sanborn
     See Also Medical Products Group (Andover)

Andromed Inc.:
strategic alliance to develop and market electronic stethoscope, the HP STETHOS

Anesthesia Recording Inc.:
[acquisition]June 20,2000 announcement of acquisition of ARI, to become part of Healthcare Solutionss Group;

Anniversary (10th):

Anniversary (15th):
special issue 11/7/54;

Anniversary (20th):
statistics for five year periods; 1960 brochure includes data, philosophy, and photos of Dymec, Boonton, Moseley, Paeco buildings;

Anniversary (25th):

Anniversary (25th), Planning:
planning for celebration, including memos, ideas, data;

Anniversary (25th), Reminiscences:
collected from Terman, Moseley, Crary, Oliver, Neely, Marx, 1939-64

Anniversary (40th):
anniversary issue of Reporter, 1979

Anniversary (50th):
celebration summarized in 2 internal memos; programs included anniversary flag, special name badges, 1989 commemorative calendars, limited edition calculators, internationl employee event:

See Also Calendar, 1989

Antitrust Laws:
internal correspondence including Dave Packard note stressing importance; Policy Statement and Compliance Guide, 1975

See Also Business Ethics
     See Also Standards of Business Conduct
     See Also Wiltron Lawsuit
(m)Apollo Computer, Inc. [acquisition] 1989, merger management,
See Also Personnel, Workforce Layoff Policy; Scotland, Livingston, workstations

Apollo Computer Inc.:
[acquisition] 1989; 4/21/89 memo to Richard Miller concerning ideas & challenges for Apollo integration, and how McKinsey could assist HP; news release announcing acquisition, 4/12/89;

Apple Computer Inc.:
1976 correspondence with HP legal dept. and Steve Wozniak releasing the product idea developed by Wozniak for a “microprocessor system”; includes handwritten description of personal computer invention, schematic drawings, note mentioning that Apple Computer Co. is a partnership with Steve Jobs; news articles; press releases

Applied Optoelectronic Technology Corp.:
[acquisition] newsgram announces acquisition of AOT, 12/19/90;

Arab Boycott, 1975-77:
(1 of 2) corporate boycott of Israel, policy; letters from HP to U.S. Congress; articles;

Arab Boycott, 1975-77:
(2 of 2) resolution rejected by shareholders, 1977; includes letters from shareholders, including the American Jewish Congress; letters from HP to Congress; memos by Packard and others; news articles

articles; Newsgram; Reporter announcement; interesting article quoting Karen Lewis from Click magazine re: beer busts and the Lucky Lager found at 395; “Appraisal of the Agilent Company Archives” (2 copies), July 2005; more

Archives, Web Site:
includes complete filing detailing the need of the Archives to “webify” in 1999, includes major messages, plans, timelines, and company slides

“Art Guidelines and Recommendations,” 1977; corporate art rentals in Silicon Valley; mural by Mary Henry;

Articles of Incorporation:
a partnership becomes a corporation, 1947; amendment to Articles, 1984;

Artificial Intelligence:
HP Conference 1985, 1987, HP Labs

for CSO, Computer Systems Organization, as of April,1991, region includes Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, Singapore; HP in Asia; Hewlett-Packard in Asia Pacific, 1991

     See Also Intercontinental Operations (Intercon)

Asia-Pacific Tour, 2002:
Barnhold tour of Agilent sites in Korea, Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan;

ASM International, Engineering Materials Achievement Award:
1991 nomination for Thermal Ink Jet Technology, prepared by Howard Taub, HP Labs Feb. 8, 1990; PC inkjet printer, laser, printheads

Atlanta (Georgia):
Hewlett and Packard visit, 1988

ATN Microwave Inc.:
[acquisition] RF component test company acquired 12/2000;

first office established 1967; Intercom article on ASO; copy of brochure “HP in Australia”; “Things Are Looking Up Down Under,” Measure (Sept/Oct 1984); “Australia: the New New World,” Measure 1968; Facts Sheet (Australia & New Zealand), 12/02

See Also Telecom Hewlett-Packard Proprietary Ltd.

coat of arms, 1983;

Automated Test Group (ATG):
includes interview with John Scruggs, dated March 26, 2002; also press release discussing VLSI Research’s tracking of Agilent’s ATE (automated test equipment) growth rate in 2002 (highest ranking among ATE suppliers); Adrian Dillon answers questions on why ATG will be reported as a separate segment, 12/02/02;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1956-77:
AMD commemorative medal; purchases Sunnyvale site for AMD, 4/72;

See Also Sunnyvale Site

Automatic Measurement Division, 1970:
Marketing/Engineering review, April 6, 1970;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1972:
AMD review, Oct. 4, 1972;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1973:
AMD review, Oct. 30, 1973;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1975:
AMD review, Dec. 18, 1975;

Automatic Measurement Division, 1977:
AMD review, Feb. 15, 1977;

Automotive Industry:
John Deere uses JDVision to improve order accuracy, 1995; Ford service bay diagnostics, 1995; tool from Integrated Systems Division helps General Motors, 1995;

See Also Smart Car

Avantek Inc.:
[acquisition] announcement 8/7/91 that Avantek (located at 3175 Bowers Avenue in Santa Clara) will be acquired & merged with HP Components Group; “Avantek: 25 Years of Microwave Technology Leadership, 1965-90”; 1990 10-K;

“To Our Passengers,” Sabreliner n.d.; history of department by Ken Peartree, circa 1988; description of airplanes and new facility at San Jose airport;

Avondale Division (Pennsylvania):
review October 1982; 10th Anniversary,1975; 25th Anniversary or HP/F&M, 1984; 1990 article about HP move from Avondale to Little Falls Centre;

See Also Chemical Analysis Group; Delaware; F&M Scientific

Awards & Achievements (Agilent):
beAgilent article on Ned Barnholt’s receipt of the prestigious AeA Medal of Achievement; also article from beAgilent discussing Agilent’s 2001 President’s Community Volunteer Award; EDN’s 2000 Innovation winners (FBAR), 4/26/01; beAgilent Agilent Malaysia and Singapore named best employers, 09/06/01; A.T. Receives Two California Governor’s 2001 Awards for Outstanding Achievements in Programs for the Disabled, 11/5/01; BeAgilent: Bridging Worlds – California recognizes comprehensive program developed by Patty O’Sullivan for employees with disabilities, 11/06/01;

See Also Fortune; Agilent on List of Best Companies for GLBT [Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender] Employees, 2/18/03;

Awards & Achievements (HP):
firsts, bests: honors, press praise, recognition;

See Also Calendar, 1989;
See Also Fortune Magazine
See Also names of specific awards (i.e. Computerworld)
     See Also Society of Manufacturing Engineers