L – Individuals File Guide

La Barre, Larry (Lawrence Jose)
list of patents granted, 1967-1992; memorial farewell planned for 1/15/94;
See Also Oral History Collection

Lee, Ralph
[HP Executive VP ]: photo of Electronic Technician Apprentice Program team, 1/70, caption identifying RL as founder of the ETAP;

Lee, Soo-Ghee
[Vice president and general manager of the Semiconductor Products Group’s Optoelectronic Products Division]:

Litton, Charlie
reminiscences of CL by Don Hammond;

Loebner, Egon Ezriel
[HP Labs]: memo indicating that Loebner is leaving HP to work in the U.S. embassy in Moscow, November 1974; description of Auschwitz and other experiences as a prisoner in Germany; paper, “Mnemonic Aids for Telephone-based Interfaces”;