K – Individuals File Guide

Kampe, William
[Senior Director, Cross-Program Alignment]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Karrer, Ed
[Director, Agilent Labs]: 6/2000 interview and reminiscence ; retirement announcement 2/2000; EK joined HP in the Dymec Division in 1966

Kataoka, Tsugio
[Vice-President & Senior Director, Japan Field Operations, Test & Measurement Organization]: Test & Measurement Japan Field Operations receives President’s Quality Award (PQA), 1996; résumé, incl. internal news memos

Kerins, Nancy J.
[General Manager, Little Falls Analytical Div.]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Kirby, Dave (1):
draft speech to Materials Engineering Group, 6/65, about public relations; remarks to Division Managers Meeting, 6/67 (draft & final); seminar on successful exhibiting at WESCON, 5/67; 6/68 speech to the Optimist Club about HP; notes prepared for 3/69 Paly High School career day; “Growth, Revolution & the Corporate Image,” presented at HP Management Meeting, 6/17/69;

Kirby, Dave (2):
articles praising HP public relations and Measure, circa 1990; talk by DK to European marketing managers of EPG on 7/9/71; “Public Relations Posture for the 70’s,” presented at HP Management Meeting, 6/19/72; remarks to Data Systems Group, 7/19/72, about growth and social issues; remarks to Data Systems Group, 11/8/72, about corporate image and social responsibility; talk to neophyte sales seminars in 1973, regarding PR generally and how it works at HP; presentation at ICON Managers Meeting, 7/1/75; asked to speak to San Jose State student chapter of PRSA, 1977; “PR Employers Outline Hiring Practices, Policies,” summary of Bay Area survey results by SJ State students; “Myth of Managerial Tenure” and job security, by Albert Porter, SJ State professor; syllabus & bibliography from Albert Porter’s management courses at SJ State; draft of speech to neophyte sales seminar from 1979;

Kirby, Dave (3):
“Trust & Confidence in Institutions” charts, 1977; “Restoring Public Confidence in Business: Can HP Help?” presented at HP Management Meeting 1/31/78 (includes findings of Opinion Research Corporation survey on trust);

Kirby, Dave (4):
DK retires (6/21/89 news release); comments on the retirement by Gary Fazzino
See Also Oral History Collection

Kirkwood, Robert C.
[Government Affairs]: joins HP July 1976; Chairman, Executive Committee of the San Francisco Planning and Urban Renewal Association;

Kniss, Rick
[Senior VP, Chemical Analysis Group]: retirement announcement 1/2000; “Salt & Pepper of Working at Agilent,” 5/3/01 interview/feature for be.agilent; résumé, incl. internal news memos; photos removed

Kramer, Michael R.
[General Manager, Clinical Information Systems Application Business Unit]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Krammer, Gerhard
[Manager, European Business Groups]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Kriner, Bob
[Operations Manager, Analytical Supplies Operation]: résumé, incl. internal news memos

Kyle, Albert S.
[General Manager, Cardiovascular Business Unit]: résumé, incl. internal news memos