W – Subject File Guide

Waltham Division:
WD becomes Medical Electronis Division, 9/69; layoff notice, 9/4/69; recruiting brochure [n.d.];

See Also Medical Products Group (Andover)

     See Also Sanborn

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1940s:
from Wm. Bigler’s files; David Packard,1/15/47, curtailing paper; handwritten memo to Bigler from Packard asking him to stop publishing photos of classified work spaces during war time;

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1943-1952:
goof regarding birth of Walter Berry Hewlett and subsequent series of memos; includes touching letter from the mother of James Sisney, reported MIA on April 22, 1944;

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1953-1954:

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1955-1956:

Watt’s Current, Correspondence, 1957-1961:
includes letter to Herbert Hoover gladly granting his request to be on the Watt’s Current mailing list; also press release regarding the appointment of four executive vice presidents: Eldred, Porter, Oliver, Cavier, June 7, 1957;

Watt’s Current, Recommendations 1961:
“An Evaluation with Recommendations for Revision,” by Gordon Cubbison, 1961

Wavefront Research Inc.:
[acquisition] acquired WRI, March 2001

HP position paper on denying access to products for the purpose of making nuclear weapons, 1966; making of variable time (VT) fuse, secret World War II project, clipping dated 10/15/45;

Web Site (Agilent), External:

Web Site (Agilent), Internal:

[tradeshow]1963? brochure, “What is Wescon”; official program, 1949 West Coast Convention, 5th Annual Pacific Electronic Exhibit; oficial program, WESCON/91, 40th anniversary edition; HP marketing materials distributed at Wescon, 1960s;

See Also West Coast Electronic Manufacturers Association

West Coast Electronic Manufacturers Association:
Dave Packard correspondence about the formation of WEMA, December, 1943; Correspondence, minutes of meetings, list of participants exploring the formation of, 1943; becomes AEA 1978;

See Also American Electronics Association [AeA]

Western Electric Show & Convention

     See Wescon

Where you can work in HP:
pamphlet 1987, 1991

Wiltron Lawsuit:
Wiltron Company of Morgan Hill, HP competitor in microwave communications test equipment, filed suit in federal court in Los Angeles May 18, 1988 charging HP with violation of federal antitrust laws, unfair marketing practices, contract interference;

Winnersh (England):
new marketing & sales headquarters, 1975;

WITI Foundation:
includes booklet incorporating existing nomination forms and letters for WITI’s 2001 Hall of Fame Award for Agilent’s Darlene Solomon;

memo delineating services for wives when HP husbands are away on business, 1959, family; advertisements, competitor, cheesecake; article by Sara Westendorf, HP employee, on succeeding in a male-dominated field, 1993; Jane Evans honored, 1989; statement concerning career opportunities for women at HP, 1975;

     See Also Neely, Advertisements;

     See Also David Packard’s note on letter 9/11/78; women and minorities, status of, 1980’s;

Women’s Conference (Agilent):
Maya Angelou gives keynote, Feb. 23, 2001;

See Also Technical Women’s Conference

Workforce Management

     See Personnel, Expense Reduction Measures

Workmanship Standards:
Wiring, Soldering and Printed Circuits, 1967;

See Also Personnel, House Rules

(m)Workplace Violence Prevention brochure

World Expo ’86:
HP exhibit in California Pavilion at World Exposition in Vancouver, 1986; The Bicycle Company Information Network;

World Expo ’88:
HP computer equipment used in U.S. pavilion, Brisbane, Australia;

World War II:
summary of HP contributions to war effort, 1943; war bond drive totals 1944; highlights 1940-1992, HP/US government;

See Also  “E” Award

See Also  Weapons

“Worldwide Business Ethics of HP,”:
David Packard column, 1976;

See Also Business Ethics

Worldwide Customer Support Operations:
WCSO created, February 1985;