V – Subject File Guide

Vancouver Division:
air pollution, April 1993; manufacturing reduction, 1998;

Varian Associates:
“From Steeples of Excellence to Silicon Valley” the Story of Varian Associates and Stanford Industrial Park by Henry Lowood;

[divestiture] of Automation Integration Software (AIS) business, a division of Agilent Technologies Canada, to Verano Dec. 2000; Verano Acquires A.T.’s Automation Integration Software Business, 12/7/00;

E-mail correspondence about an historical image database for Verigy c/o the Agilent Foundation, January 11, 2006; CEO Announcement;

Versatest Inc.:
[acquisition] HP acquires flash memory test market October 1994;

(m)VeriFone [acquisition] announced April 23, 1997

Vertek Inc.:
[acquisition] medical electronics company in Burlington VT, acquired circa 1972;

(m)VID Division, Video Communications Division formerly Stanford Park Division renamed April 1993;

Video Classroom:
late 1960s development in training

See Also Stanford University – HP, Honors Program

international videoconferencing, 1988;

See Also Electronic Mail

HP opened headquarters in Ho Chi Minh City (formerly Saigon) Jan. 31, 1996;

Vintage Charts:
orders and shipments, 1994-1998; new products vs. orders, 1993-1997;

See Also Annual Reports

Visitors, California Legislators:

Visitors, deGaulle:
President of France visits, 1960; speeches, itinerary, report by WRH; more

See Also (m)Public Relations, Plant Tours

Visitors, Malayan Prime Minister:
Prime Minister Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj, Nov. 1, 1960 ;

Visitors, Prince Philippe:
1985, Prince Philippe of Belgium (former Stanford student) visits Palo Alto and Corvallis;

Visitors, Quayle:
Vice President’s visit, July 1989;

Visitors, Queen Elizabeth:
1983, Britain’s Queen tours Cupertino site;

Visitors, Swedish Delegation:
Royal Technology Mission by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden; visit to Palo Alto and Cupertino;

results of Corporate Voluntarism Council’s survey, 1982; BeAgilent Making a Difference – Make a Difference Day, including “Shear Madness” event, 11/10/00; Rolling up our Sleeves for Agilent’s “Day of Caring”, 10/30/01;

See Also Citizenship

VXI Technology (Irvine, Calif.):
[divestiture] press release, dated May 2, 2003 announcing completion of divestiture of Agilent’s mechanical data acquisition product segment