U – Subject File Guide

Union Activities:
includes memo from Bill Hewlett detailing the Supervisory Training Program; Justice for Janitors, 1998; also a good interview with Dave Packard on Unions, etc. from Nation’s Business, January 1974;

See Also 1SRS4 (Ray Wilbur)

(m)United Kingdom, U.K. see England, see Scotland

United Kingdom:
Facts Sheet, 1/03

United Nations Profile of HP, 1982:
prepared by UN Centre on Transnational Corporations (UNCTC);

United States Army Communications & Electronics Command Award:
1989 blue ribbon contractor certification to 4 HP divisions;

United States Government as Customer:
Highlights of HP’s Relationship with US government; several internal and external articles, covering 1940-1999; points to make about HP and defense, [n.d.]; analysis of government orders, FY75; Defense Cutback – What it Means to Industry, Air Force/Space Digest, 1/70;

United States Trade Policy:
statement 1986;

See Also Japan

United Way:
at HP; scandals at national level;

See Also Philanthropy Programs

computer Remington Rand purchased and installed at HP, 1955;

(m)U.S. Memories, 1989-1990, Joint venture to manufacture DRAM chips