O – Subject File Guide

Objective Systems Integrators:
[acquisition] OSS communication software provider OSI acquired Nov. 27, 2000; includes background information; security analyst call, marked Agilent Confidential;

Octel Communications Corp.:
[acquisition] equity investment announced, August 1988; voice mail(?);

Office Design:
articles on open office, cubicles;

Offshoring, outsourcing

     See International Business

HP computers used in Olympics, 1987 news release; Agilent’s accessFiber used by Telstra for Sydney Olympic Games 12/2000; doping control in the Olympics, 1928-1988; “Testing Reduces Drug Abuse Among Athletes”;

See Also Products, accessFIBER

Open Door Policy:
Brochure 1996

Open Line, 1979:
employee attitude survey and analysis of responses;

Open Line, 1985:
employee attitude survey and analysis of responses;

(m)Open Software Foundation, OSF 1988-1990

Open Systems:
UNIX, POSIX, PA RISC, PEXlib, open source standards, OSF (Open Source Foundation);

Operations Council, 1969-1972:
assorted minutes; reports on Cost of Capital, compensation, EPA Electronics, operations Special Tast Force, establishiment of budget centers; HBR article, “Organizing a Worldwide Business”‘

See Also Management Council (after 1983)

Optical Technology Center:
[acquisition] Feb.2000 agreement to acquire OTC from Telecom Italia in Turin, to become part of Fiber Optics Communications Division;

Optoelectronics Division:
product catalogs from 1978 and 1979; 1993-1997 Business Plan; fact sheet (1979) on Components Group;

Optolab Microsystems:
[acquisition] March 12, 2003, acquisition includes exclusive rights to absolute encoder technology

(m)Optotech, [acquisition] November 1989, computer disc drives

Oracle Corp.:
10/25/2000 news release announces Agilent intention to use Oracle’s e-Business Suite;

Organization, 1943-1960:
organization charts and job descriptions;

Organization, 1961-1963:
organization charts, job descriptions;  fold-out org chart from Measure magazine July 1, 1963; interoffice memo from NEP elaborating on the “divisional” approach to management;

Organization, 1964-1969:
organization charts, includes corporate directories;

Organization, 1970-1973:
organization charts and memos, includes position descriptions and “The Model 1970 Corporate Organization” brochure;

Organization, 1974-1975:
organization charts; Bill Hewlett memo on New Corporate Organizational Structure and Formation of Executive Committee; 9/20/74 news release announces HP restructuring; John Young memo on reorganization, formation of executive committee, July 1974; “Working Together, the HP Organization” from Measure which includes detailed company org chart;

Organization, 1974-1975, Reorganization:

Organization, 1976:
organization charts, memos and bios;

Organization, 1977:
organization charts, memos;

Organization, 1978-1979:
organization charts; brochure from 1978 detailing “significant change made in organizational character”; brochure, “The HP Organization”;

Organization, 1980:
organization charts as well as 1980 “The HP Organization”;

Organization, 1981:
organization charts;

Organization, 1981, Survey:
memos from Dave Kirby and Tom Lowden; notes on updating format of org charts; 1980 Selling to HP: a Supplier’s Information Guide;

Organization, 1982:
organization charts; includes memo from Carl Cottrell detailing organizational change in Corporate Marketing Operations;

Organization, 1983:
organization charts;

Organization, 1984:
organization charts; includes press release and white paper discussing 1984 reorganization;

Organization, 1984, Reorganization:
white papers, articles and memos discussing 1984 reorganization;

Organization, 1985:
organization charts;

Organization, 1986:
organization charts; includes paper discussing reorganization of “sectors under Terry, Platt”;

Organization, 1987:
organization charts; includes press release re: Bill Hewlett’s retirement from the Board, dated Jan. 19, 1987;

Organization, 1988:
organization charts; press releases and articles documenting computer business realignment;

Organization, 1989:
organization charts;

Organization, 1990:
organization charts;

See Also 1SRS6 Individual File (John Young)

Organization, 1990:
Reorganization; John Young memo re: presentation at the Management Council; Roy Verley memo re: Dave Packard interview with San Jose Mercury News;

Organization, 1991:
organization charts;

Organization, 1992:
organization charts; 9/10/92 news release announces management changes under new President Lew Platt;

Organization, 1993:
organization charts; memo on Dick Hackborn’s retirement; article from Measure on Packard’s retirement from board; articles about Hewlett, Packard, Platt (photo), Measure NovDec 1993; materials on organizational changes in HP Europe, including country manager roles;

Organization, 1994:
organization charts; memo on APG reorganization;

Organization, 1995:
organization charts;

Organization, 1995, Reorganization:
organization charts; formation of unified Computer Organization headed by Richard Belluzzo; articles, press releases and memos collected by Roy Verley;

Organization, 1996:
organization charts;

Organization, 1997:
organization charts;

Organization, 1998:
organization charts; memos, press releases on 1998 consolidation into 2 major business units, Measurement Organization and Computer Organization; Belluzzo leaves for Silicon Graphics Inc., 1/98;

Organization, 1999:
organization charts;

Organization, 2000:
organization charts; Governance Model;

Organization, 2001:
organization charts;

Organization, 2002:
organization charts, memos;

(m)Organization Chart, Gordon Brown File, l980s

Organization, 2003:
organization charts;

Organization, 2005:
news release “Agilent Technologies Names William Sullivan as President and CEO; Questions and Answers about Bill Sullivan/Ned Barnholt January 20 Press Release.

Organization Charts, Petrak Collection:
(part 1) organization charts collected by Jack R. Petrak circa 1964-1975; corporate, international, manufacturing org charts;

Organization Charts, Petrak Collection:
(part 2) organization charts collected by Jack R. Petrak circa 1964-1975; corporate, international, manufacturing org charts;

Organization Charts, Petrak Collection:
(part 3) organization charts collected by Jack R. Petrak circa 1964-1975; corporate, international, manufacturing org charts;

Organization, Summaries:
include historical organization chart, 1939-73; evolution of HP Computer Systems Group; Measure article 1970 which briefly explains growth and organization throughout 60s;

Oscilloscope Division:
basic plan for moving the Oscilloscope Division from Palo Alto to Colorado Springs, 1962;

See Also Colorado Springs Division