M – Subject File Guide

Major Messages, 1996
Major Messages was an annual HP corporate communications reference tool with carefully researched messages that could be included in all forms of corporate communications

beAgilent Agilent Malaysia and Singapore named best employers, 09/06/01; Agilent Malaysia Milestones (1972-2000); Ned Barnholt’s Farewell Visit to Penang, 2005;

Malaysia, 15th anniversary
1972-1987 publication; Joint venture with Sapura, August 1992; Article from July/September issue of APA Khabar covering the awarding of Agilent as one of the “Best Employers in Asia”; includes Feb. 24, 2003 announcement re: the opening of two new facilities in Penang;     See Also 1SRS1 (Publications – APA Khabar)

(m)Management by Objective – Technology and Profitable Growth

speech by William Hewlett, 1977; see corporate objectives,


Management by Wandering Around
 in-depth article from Measure about the MBWA policy;

See Also HP Way

Management Conference, 1957:
includes Packard speech, “Objectives of HP”

Management Conference, 1958:

Management Conference, 1963:

Management Conference, 1964:

Management Conference, 1965:

Management Conference, 1966:

Management Conference, 1967:
11th, Monterey

Management Conference, 1968:
12th, Palo Alto, Colorado Springs, Paramus, Switzerland;

Management Conference, Humor:
funny photo books and skits

Management Council:
formation of Management Council announced, 1983; retreat materials, 1985; role expands, 1991;

Management Meeting, 1966:

Management Meeting, June 1967:
Bill Terry’s notes on June 12-13 meeting;

Management Meeting, November 1967:
Bill Terry’s notes on Nov. 13-4 meeting;

Management Meeting, June 1968:
Bill Terry’s notes on June 10-11 meeting;

Management Meeting, December 1968:
Bill Terry’s notes on Dec. 12-13 meeting;

Management Meeting, June 1969:
June 16-17

Management Meeting, December 1969:
Dec. 1-2

Management Meeting, 1972:
(includes international managers meetings)

Management Meeting, 1973:
(includes international managers meetings)

Management Meeting, 1974:
(includes international managers meetings)

Management Meeting, 1975:
(includes international managers meetings)

Management Meeting, 1978:
includes “Restoring Public Confidence in Business: Can HP Help?” report presented by Dave Kirby

Management Meeting, 1984:
Bob Waterman (McKinsey and Company) speech “Coping with Change at HP: an Outsider’s Perspective”

Management Meeting, 1989:
(1 of 2) includes “Perspectives on HP” by Dave Packard (Jan. 17, 1989, Pebble Beach, California);

Management Meeting, 1989:
(2 of 2) includes Terry, Bill’s notes;

Management Meeting, 1990:

See Also Project 90’s

Management Meeting, 1992:

Management Meeting, 1993:

(m)Management Meeting, 1994 Dave Packard’s handwritten notes for   talk (See 1SRS6.DP)

Management Meeting, 1995:

Management Meeting, 1996:
contains copy of “The Deacon’s Masterpiece” or “The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay” by Oliver Wendell Homes, which was read by David Packard at the General Managers’ Meeting, March 26, 1996;

Management Meeting, 1997:
letter from Lew Platt canceling meeting and encouraging more focus on customers and underscoring the need to reduce expenses;

Management Meeting, 1998:
(1 of 3) includes Lew Platt’s speech “The Case for Change”;

Management Meeting, 1998:
(2 of 3) includes Rick Belluzzo, Byron Anderson, Dick Watts, Jackie Churchill and Duane Hartley interview transcripts;

Management Meeting, 1998:
(3 of 3) includes Susan Bowick, Alex Soznoff, Ned Barnholdt, Doug Carnahan, Rick Raimondi, Duane Zitzner, Carolyn Ticknor, Doug Carnahan, Ann Livermore, Antonio Perez, Bob Wayman and Lew Platt interviews.

     After 1999, see Leadership Meeting

(m)Management Seminar, 1957

Managers, Functional Directory, 2001:

“Managing at Hewlett-Packard”:
1977 Management Development Program, 1977;

See Also Supervisory Development Program

“Managing HP for the Future”:
excerpts from 1978 Packard speech;

Managing Managers:
“Leadership: Sad Facts and Silver Linings” by Tom Peters, Harvard Business Review, 1979; coaching;

Manfred Donike Award:
Agilent award, presented annually to an outstanding scientist in the field of sports medicine

Manufacturing Division:
Plastic molding, ca 1974; expansion of MD, [n.d.]

Manufacturing Engineering Division

     See Organization

     See Also Organization Charts, Petrak Collection

Manufacturing, Miscellaneous:
feature from EP&P detailing the contributions of Manufacturing Test pioneer Kamran Firooz; in-circuit test; new fabrication center, 1987;

Manufacturing Productivity Division, Case Studies:
Harvard Business School Case studies, 1987-89; Applications Marketing Division, AMD; MRPII; factory automation and production software; 1984 reorganization; matrix management, Rows and Columns; the fishbone, Computer-Integrated Manufacturing, CIM; TQC, JIT, Lew Platt HP 3000, precision architecture, spectrum, RISC; DDP;

Manufacturing Scheduling and Planning:
institution of EDP electronic data processing system at Datamec, 1963; master scheduling whitepapers, ca.1961; “Production Control at HP Main Plant,” 1958;

See Also Inventory Control & Management

Manufacturing Systems Group:
CIM Successes at HP, 1985; computer-integrated manufacturing; MRP, manufacturing management applications;

Marketing Department, 1958-1971:
includes Noel Eldred memo of Feb. 12, 1958 concerning reorg (with chart) into line/staff structure, and MD relationship with Engineering; 1962 Reynolds memo re: acquiring companies like Neely that have been selling HP products; handwritten memo from Carlos Perez to Ned Barnholt concerning attached 1971 Microwave marketing org chart; divisionalization of Marketing, 1963;

See Also Sales

(m)Marketing, Domestic Employee Count, 1984

Marketing, International:
summary of 1984 talk to Intercon by Dick Alberding; “FY’85—The Year of Marketing Innovation”; “International Manufacturing Marketing and Service Activities of the Hewlett-Packard Company,” 1969; Lee Ting memo about newly created (in 1998) Director of Global Marketing Services and Communications;

(m)Marketing Policy, 1963-1984

Marketing Strategy:
4/6/61 speech by Noel Eldred for the Western Electronic Manufacturers Association (WEMA) on customer satisfaction, research vs. marketing, selling vs. marketing; “Needed: Less Selling More Marketing,” by Eldred, 1963;

See Also History, Theses and Papers

Marketing to Education Field

     See Collegiate Network Program

Mayfield Site (Mountain View):
architect Jim Caldwell (Ehrlich-Rominger) remodels Mayfield Mall; first employees move in, 1987;

(m)McMinnville Division, Oregon, began 1973 when HP acquired Field Emission Corporation (FEMCOR), medical products

(expertise in Measurement, Computation and Communications, ca 1992); Birnbaum predicts home computers will become as necessary as a furnace, “information furnaces”; HP directions for 1990’s information highway;

includes guide to reporting n.d.; also includes excerpts from “Corporate Magazines of the United States” 1992, with brief history of Measure by Jay Coleman calling it one of the most respected corporate magazines; objectives and plans for 1963, 1965 and 1976; e-mail from Harry Lew discussing the birth of Measure in 1963;

(m)Measure, Contents 1963-1984, serves as an index

Measure Readership Survey, 1965:

Measure Readership Survey, 1967:

Measurement Software Division [MSD]:
formerly Measurement Systems Operation (MSO); renamed/moved within Test and Measurement Organization (TMO) Dec. 1991;

Mechrolab Inc.:
[acquisition] acquired Mountain View osmometer & manometer manufacturer, 1964; includes “Home of the Strange” lyrics to the tune of “Home on the Range”;

Medical Products Group (Andover):
1986 issue of Monitor with history of Sanborn and MPG; Sanborn 350 in space history;

See Also Sanborn

     See Also Waltham Division


     See Microelectromechanical systems

Metrix Network Systems Inc.:
[acquisition] Nashua company becomes part of Network Test Division, May 1993;

Electronica ’83 exhibition; sales and service, 1982-84; market survey, 1983; Facts Sheet, 10/02; Employees Safe After Mexico Earthquake, 1/23/03;

See Also North American Free Trade Agreement

Microelectromechanical Systems:
various beAgilent articles on nanopore, nanotechnology and MEMs; first MEMS-enabled commercial product at HP microwave power sensor, 1974;

(m)Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation MCC, 1987 consortium

(m)Microsoft, joint strategy announcement, March 1997

Microwave Division:
model, price and sales data sheets for all categories of products, including projections circa 1967; 1970 Microcosm issue where employees discuss “dream” benefits such as dental and preventative healthcare (includes photos); original 1970 press release re: purchase of Fountain Grove site in Santa Rosa; high-frequency electronics brochure, circa 1970;

Microwave Division, History:
genealogy chart (1939-1991) and brief history; List of Microwave Division product “firsts” by Dean Abramson, 1946-1986;

Microwave Division, Management Strategy
 “Management by Objectives and Tactical Planning in the Microwave Division” by Paul Ely; includes memos re: speech as well as copies of Packard speech from March 1976, “Managing Hewlett-Packard for the Future”;

“Microwave Standards Prospectus”
 4th ed., June 1960, aka Application Note 21 (appnote 21);

Mid-Peninsula Coalition Housing Fund
documents relating to loans, 1971, 1976. Community involvement;

See Also Citizenship

Midwestern Sales Region:

See Also Sales, Crossley Division

(m)Molecular Simulations Inc. (MSI), business agreement, joint venture, 1992, CAMD computer-aided molecular design

Molecular Imaging:  Acquisition 11/29/2005, atomic force microscopes, molecular imaging, nanotechnology measurement tools

Monterey Bay Aquarium:

Moseley, F.L. Co.
 first HP Affiliate, acquired 80% October 1958; 20% 1964; Moseley Autograf General Catalog 63A and 63B 1963;

See Also 4SRS (Oral History); 1SRS10 (Patents,royalties, etc.)

Mountain View

See Mayfield Site (Mountain View)


     See Manufacturing Systems Group

MTI Analytical Instruments:
[acquisition] April 3, 1998 developer of MEMS micro-electrical mechanical systems for gas chromatography;

Museum of Modern Art:
exhibition, “Information Art–Diagramming Microcircuits,” Sept 6-Oct 30 1990, included HP’s Central Processing Unit Chip; computer generated plot on paper; art work in instrument room;

See Also Art

See Also Archives’ book collection (for exhibition catalog)

MV Technology:
[acquisition] announcement Feb. 5, 2001; Agilent Technologies Ireland, AOI (automated optical-inspection) systems; MVT; completed March 12, 2001