D – Individuals File Guide

De Forest, Dr. Lee:
article/photo depicting De Forest in Watt’s Current; description of triode or audion amplifier; IEEE biography; pictoral biography from www.leedeforest.org

Demere, Raymond McAllister Jr.:
internal news memos; text of speech “roasting” Demere when he changed jobs; “The Human Factor in Innovation and Productivity,” statement by Demere (then VP of Manufacturing & Services at HP) before the House Subcommittee on Science, Research and Technology 9/16/81; “Quality: the Key to Productivity?” address to Chief Executive Luncheon of the American Electronics Association 6/23/81

See Also Oral History Collection

Deming, W. Edwards
[pioneer in statistical analysis and quality]: article from Smithsonian (August 1990); “Dr. Deming’s 14 Points—Methods for Management of Productivity and Quality”

Dillon, Adrian T.
[Executive VP and Chief Financial Officer]: brief bio; “CFO Captivates Employees in Scotland and Germany,” 7/02; News Release “Dillon Named Executive Vice President, Finance and Administration, of Agilent Technologies,” 2/05;

Doolittle, William
[Senior VP of International Operations]: brief bio incl. internal news memos; remarks at International Economic Policy Review meeting (National Academy of Engineering)4/23/75; remarks at Seminar on U.S. Technology and International Trade, 4/24/75; “Business Briefs from Moscow Streets, or The Practical Aspects of Trade with the Soviets,” 8/15/72; “U.S. Trade with Japan Can be Both Successful and Profitable,” 3/16/82; notes from 10/14/69 interview summarizing HP’s early efforts to become international; photocopy of photos of Doolittle with funny captions; “Doolittle Winds up 35 Years” (Intercon 193)

See Also Oral History Collection

Doyle, John L.
[Executive VP for Business Development]: brief bio; retirement announcement 9/30/01; “Information Processing Industry—U.S. Market Share in 2000 A.D.,” 12/8/83; “Corporate Micros: The Next Generation,” 11/14/85; “Working in a Different Way: The Next Generation of Information Systems,” 2/18/88; letter to Measure editor 12/4/98 regarding consultants and the HP Way

Doyle, Morris
[DP friend]: obituary; eulogy at DP’s memorial service

Drost, Ray
[Vice-President, Field Operations Sales & Marketing, Test & Measurement Organization, Americas]: internal news memos